Your students will learn how to identify, construct, and use compound words with these worksheets.

The following collection of activity sheets will introduce your students to compound words. Students will practice identifying and constructing compound words by finding them in the given sentences, building them from a given collection of words within a word bank, choosing whether a word pair is compound or not, and more. Answer keys have been provided for instructors. If these do not fit within your curriculum, these sheets may be used as extra credit assignments.

Fun Contest Idea: Have your students list as many compound words as they can, and give a prize to the students with the longest list.

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This + That

Put each set of smaller words together to make a compound word.

Word Banker

Put the words in the Word Box together to form a single words. Write the words on the lines. Make as many words as you can.

Big Words | Small Parts

Match up the small words below to form new words. Write the single words on the line.

Where Is It?

Circle every silly and crazy compound found in each sentence.

Word Art

Draw a picture of each word. Write the word on the line.

Is It a _______?

Read each pair of words below. Can they be combined? Color in YES or NO. If the words form a new word, write it on the line.


The words below are all mixed up. Can you take them apart and put them back together again so that they make proper words?

Pound It!

There is nothing wrong with being made of small parts!

Parts of Sentences

Where is that bad boy in the sentence?

Make a Sentence

Write a sentence with the words that you are given and make them pop, PLEASE!

Pound Words

Match the word parts below to form one word. Write your words on the lines.

Pounder Words

Underline the word(s), who say not be named, in each sentence.

Penguins Rule!

Is penguinhula a word? If not, it should be. Don't you think?

How Many Do You Know?

This is a brainstorming activity and rite.

Filler Up!

Fill in the blank in each sentence with a new word that makes sense. So words can be a little off the mark too.