These worksheets are the hardest in the universe! Or maybe that's just hyperbole.

Exaggeration is one method that writers and speakers use to emphasize a point or create humor. The following collection of activity sheets will teach your students how to recognize hyperbole. Activities include short reading passages, fill in the blank, rewriting hyperbolic expressions, translating ordinary expressions into hyperbole, and more. Answer keys have been provided for instructors for each sheet when necessary (some sheets rely entirely on student answers, which will obviously vary).

Project idea: Have your students read some famous Tall Tales or humorous passages, such as short stories by Mark Twain, and identify the hyperbole within them.

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Tall Tales: Paul Bunyan's

A tall tale is a story that includes things that are not realistic or believable, but related as if they actually happened.

Recognizing Hyperbole

Underline the hyperbole in each sentence. Then briefly explain its meaning.

Is It a Hyperbole?

Read each sentence. If it contains a hyperbole, write hyperbole on the line. If it does not contain a hyperbole, leave the line blank.

Crazy Exaggeration

What an example - Each of that butterfly's wings were the size of Texas.

Circle It

Write a hyperbole that means the same as the words in parentheses.

Figurative Language Exercise

Rewrite each sentence in plain language that plainly states the point the hyperbole exaggerates.

Larger Than Life

Each sentence below expresses a simple thought in a straightforward way. Rewrite each sentence so that it expresses the same thought using a hyperbole.

Writing with Hyperbole

The paragraph below is written in plain language. Rewrite the paragraph, adding hyperbole to the underlined phrases.

Write Sentences

Demonstrate your understanding of hyperbole. Write a sentence to describe each item below.

For Emphasis

Complete each sentence with a hyperbole.

Compose a Tall Tale

Using one of the pictures below, compose your own tall tale.

Adding Humor

Spice up these sentences and make them give you chuckle.

Hyperbole Box

Create four different hyperboles to describe how much it has rained.