These activity sheets will teach your students how to identify and construct possessive pronouns.

Both singular and plural pronouns can be possessive. The following collection of worksheets will help your students learn about possessive pronouns. Make sure your students understand that possessive pronouns do not require an apostrophe. Activities include rewriting sentences to replace selected words with the correct possessive pronoun, identifying possessive pronouns within a sentence, rewriting sentences to replace a possessive noun with a possessive pronoun, matching possessive nouns with their replacement possessive pronouns, and more.

Please Note: While answer keys have been provided for each activity sheet for instructors, in some cases, your students' answers will vary.

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Own the Word Box

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the underlined words with a possessive pronoun from the Word Box.

Circles or Lines

Circle the possessive pronoun(s) in each sentence.

One From Group A or B

Choose the correct pronoun to complete each sentence. Write its letter on the line.

Where Is It?

Read each sentence below. Write the possessive pronoun on the line.

Replace and Rewrite

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the possessive nouns with a possessive pronoun from the Word Box, or by changing some of the words to use a possessive pronoun.

Find It, Use It!

Circle each possessive pronoun below. Now use the possessive pronouns you circled to complete the sentences.

Complete Me

Many choices to choose from to complete these sentences.

Replace Them

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the possessive noun with a possessive pronoun.

Set of Words

Underline each word or set of words that could be written using a possessive pronoun. Rewrite the sentence using a possessive pronoun.

Answer It, Complete It!

These can almost be read as if they purposely riddles.

Forming Possessives with Pronouns

Write a response to each sentence, using a possessive pronoun. Use the hints provided in parentheses. Follow the example. EX: Whose hat is that? (Jim) ---That is his hat.---


Rewrite the underlined words using possessive pronouns. Some of the other words in the sentence may need to be reorganized.

Belongs To Me

A possessive pronoun tells who or what something belongs to. A possessive pronoun takes the place of a possessive noun.

Picture This!

Each picture below shows something that possesses something else. Write a phrase on the line underneath each picture that says what each thing possesses. Use possessive pronouns.

Find Me

Time to be a sentence hawk and find those pesky pronouns with purpose.