This collection of worksheets encourages reading comprehension by asking students to order events correctly.

The following activity sheets will offer your students short reading passages such as very short stories, common fables, and excerpts from longer books, and then ask the students to answer questions about the sequence of events within the story. Please note that in some cases, there is more than one sheet for the entire reading passage, so be sure to print them all. Answer sheets have been provided for each worksheet for instructors.

Sometimes referred to as "Story Sequences" these worksheets really try to ascertain whether or not the students are playing attention to details.

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Printable Sequence of Events Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

The Peasant and the Horse

For each set of story events, put an X next to the one that happens first.

There's an Alien in My Locker!

Read the story and number the events as they happened.

The Rough Start

Harry's experience at the road race wasn't what he expected.

The Little Blue Bird

No, he didn't wake up on the wrong side of the nest.


Millie the mockingbird first heard a person sing when she was barely out of her shell. Her mother had built a nest outside the bedroom window of a famous opera singer, and ever morning he would stand at the window and practice singing his scales.

Sing! Question Sheet

The question sheet for the previous worksheet.

First Day at School

First Day at School It was Ellie's first day at her new school, and she was very nervous. "Don't worry," her mother told her. Everything will be fine."

Family Picnic

Read the story. Then put the events of the story in the correct sequence.

George Gets Lost

One Saturday morning, Mr. Miller was planning to sleep in. He was NOT planning to have a puppy jumping up and down on him at 7 a.m.! But there was George, running up and down the bed, wagging his tail and licking his face, and Mr. Miller knew that sleeping in was out of the question. That puppy needed some exercise!

Honey's Sick Day

Honey was a three-year-old basset hound. She was always very energetic and cheerful, but one morning she didn't want to get out of bed.

Dr. Doolittle

The infamous Doctor makes his rounds.

Dr. Doo

This is the second half of the story and the actual task you will need to complete.

Buck's First Night

Buck had a very big night indeed.

Dolly and a Real Gentelmen

A little Black Beauty anyone?

Dolly Part 2

The last half of the reading from the previous page.

Dolly Order of Events

Use the story to make the most of this worksheet.

The Bremen Town Musicians

A certain man had a donkey, which had carried the corn-sacks to the mill indefatigably for many a long year; but his strength was going, and he was growing more and more unfit for work.

Bremen Town Musicians Part 2

The cat thought well of it, and went with them. After this the three fugitives came to a farm-yard, where the rooster was sitting upon the gate, crowing with all his might.

Bremen Questions

This is the question set for this.


Susan woke on Monday morning with a happy thought: It’s my birthday! Usually she liked to stay in bed until her mother was almost angry with her, but this morning she jumped right up and ran downstairs.

Pete and The Bee Hive

Pete the purple bear loved honey. When he woke in the morning, honey was the first thing that he thought about. When he went to sleep at night, he dreamed of honey.

Pete Question Sheets

The task to complete with Pete.