These set of worksheets works with vocabulary words that contain both a long and/or short e vowel sounds.

When you practicing this series you woill find that as far as "short e" sounds go, you will see many repeats. This is because many of the "short e" are a higher vocabulary level than normally seen by pre-readers. It will be hard to shake the word "bed" when you are working on these for sure.

The most common long e words are: here, eat, sea easy, each and team. The most common short e words are: bed, jet, leg, let men, ten and wet.

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Print Long E Short e Vowel Sounds Worksheets

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The Long E Sound

Circle the animals that have a long E (ē) sound. Then write the word under the picture.

Short E (ĕ) Words

Circle the short e words.

Long E, Short e

Color the Long E words RED. Color the Short e words BLUE. Color all other words GREEN.

Long E Words

Complete each sentence with e Long E word from the word box.

Long E

Circle the word in each pair that has the long e sound. Write that word on the line. Say the name of each picture. If it has e Long A sound, draw a line to connect the picture to the Long A.

Short e Search

Say the name of the picture. Circle the word.

Long E Word Search

Underline the Long E words in the story and write them on the lines. Only write each word once. Peter loved cheese. He ate cheese at every meal. When his sweet niece invited him to a party, he was imagining what he might get to eat as soon as he accepted the invitation.

Cut Out Sheets

Cut out the pictures. Glue them next to the correct e sound words.

Short E Worksheet

Say the name of each picture. If it has a short e sound, draw a line to connect the picture to the short e. Can you think of two things whose name contains the short e sound? Draw a picture of each thing. Then write its name on the line.

Long E | Short E

Read each word. Does it have a long E (ē) sound, or a short e (ĕ) sound? Color in the circle next to the correct sound.

Short E and Long E

Say the name of each picture. Color all the short e words blue. Color all the long e words red. Can you name three short e words that don’t appear above?

Short e & Long e

Read each word. Then draw a picture of it.

Short e | Long e

Draw a line to match each picture to the correct word.

Short E and Long E Words

Name each picture. Spell its name on the line.

Can You Hear the Short E (ĕ)?

Circle the word in each set that starts with a short e (ĕ) sound. Circle the word in each set that contains the short e (ĕ) sound.