This collection of worksheets about adjectives is amazing, incredible, comprehensive, fun, easy, engaging, and educational!

Adjectives are words used to modify nouns by specifying a particular attribute. The following work sheets will teach your students how to identify and use adjectives correctly. Activities include finding adjectives within given sentences, writing adjectives for a prompted subject, identifying the nouns modified by adjectives, defining the different types of adjectives, and more. Please note: While answer sheets have been provided for the instructor where necessary, in some cases, answers will vary by student.

Fun Project Idea: Have your students perform the Schoolhouse Rock “Unpack Your Adjectives” song (available on YouTube) for extra reinforcement of the definition and use of adjectives.

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Identifying Adjectives

Read each sentence. On the line provided, write the adjectives that adjectives that appear in each sentence. If there is no adjective in the sentence, write none on the line.

Descriptive Writing

An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Write as many words as you can think of to describe the cow below. Write one wore in each box. Then write a few sentences about the cat on the lines below.

Nouns They Modify

You can usually find adjectives close to nouns in a sentence because adjectives describe the nouns. For each sentence below, underline the adjectives and put a box around the nouns.


Clear the sentences for the parts of speech.

Adjectives and Nouns

Each sentence below contains two nouns. Which one does the underlined adjective modify? Write your answer on the line.

Adjectives that Tell How Many

Underline the adjectives in each sentence that tell how many.

How Many |What Kind | Which One

. Some tell you what kind (stinky, purple), and others tell you which one (this, that, those). Read each sentence. Find the adjective. Then write it in the correct column.

Adjectives that tell What Kind

Some adjectives tell you what kind of thing something is, for example: big, red, stinky, tiny, etc. Read each sentence below. Underline the adjective that tells you what kind.

Which One Adjectives

Some adjectives modify nouns by telling which one (this, that, those, etc.) Read each sentence below. Underline the adjectives that tell which one.

Using Adjectives

Rewrite each sentence below so that it includes the type of adjective indicated.

Tooth Brushing Squirrel

Adjectives answer the questions what kind? how many? which one? Study the picture. Then write six sentences about the picture, using the prompts.

Types of Adjectives

It should be "read" the sentences below, rather than pictures.

Writing with Adjectives

Each of your sentences should contain adjectives. Underline the adjective(s). Then, on the line, write what kind of adjective it is. You should use at least one of each kind of adjective.

More Writing

This is where the pictures come in here.

Identifying Adjectives

These are shorter, but more prudent descriptive words for you.