These are the words that sound the same, but have different spellings and definitions.

It doesn't matter when you are speaking, but when you are writing, it makes all the difference in the world. The following collection of activity sheets will teach your students how to spot and interpret homophones. Students will be asked to choose the correct word using sentence context clues. Activities include fill in the blank, choosing the correct term from a given word bank, defining given word sets, correcting erroneous words within a given sentence, and more. Answer keys have been provided for instructors.

Extra project idea: Have your students construct a Venn diagram with homographs on one side, homophones on the other, and homonyms in the middle. Where do they see the overlap?

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Print Homophone Worksheets

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Take It From The Right

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

Circle It

Circle the correct word to complete the sentence out of each pair of homonyms.

Choose the Correct One

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

Lion Heart

I'm not lion to you! Read each sentence below.

Word Bank

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence, based on the context. Use the Word Box.

Milky Days

Correct the homophones in each sentence.


Write the correct word for each clue that is given.

Choose the Correct One

Fill in the sentence holes with the word bank.

All Glasses!

The underlined word in each sentence is incorrect. Determine what the correct word should be and write it on the line. Then get after it and write it.

What Does it Mean?

See if you can understand what is meant by each sentence and then nail down the proper meaning.

Roots of Seams

Read each sentence. Choose the correct definition for the bold word.

Fill in the Blank

Rewrite each sentence to correct the error.


Does this mouse have a long tale, or a long tail? Match the homophone in each sentence to its correct definition.

Complete the Sentence

Choose the correct homophone to complete each sentence.

The Hunt

Find and correct the error in each sentence.