Handwriting is more of an art than a technical skill when you reference Easy Teacher Sight Words lessons.

Although the digital age seems to have made handwriting obsolete, reality is much different. Also referred to as penmanship, hand writing takes considerable practice to create a unique style that appeals to readers. There are 15 lessons take students on a journey towards a destination called legible handwriting. Some of the worksheets teach how to achieve certain styles of handwriting. The printable worksheets are perfect teaching tools that your students can bring home for extra practice.

These worksheets will help prereaders and help students identify and understand very common words. This is usually step one towards becoming a fluent reader. Once students master these words, they can move on to small sentence (5-7 words) reading and even writing.

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Printable Sight Words Worksheets

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All Words

Look at all the food. Use the word shape to write the word.

A Little Am

Use the word shape to write the word.


You are my friend. Write the sentence.


We are at the fair.


Ken ate a burger.


Let's be friends!


This bear is black.


The dog is brown.


I ski, but you do not.


She came home.


I did my homework.


I do like cookies.


He will eat carrots.

Get Four

There are four fans.

The word "get"

I will get a gift.