Handwriting is more of an art than a technical skill when you reference Easy Teacher Sight Words lessons.

Are there some words that you just seem to see more often than not when reading? You bet ya! There are roughly one hundred words that will be present in half of what we read. In the 1930s an educator names Edward William Dolch recognized this and realized that there are some words that reads should automatically know. He created a list of two hundred and twenty words and ninety-five nouns that are of high occurrence. He encouraged children to focus on these words to become better readers. In the 1980s this list got an update by Edward Fry. The list expanded to one thousand words. It is estimated that the Fry list is found in roughly ninety percent of what we read and write. Although the digital age seems to have made handwriting obsolete, reality is much different. Also referred to as penmanship, hand writing takes considerable practice to create a unique style that appeals to readers.

There are 15 lessons take students on a journey towards a destination of actively using sight words and practice using them in a sentence. Some of the worksheets teach how to achieve certain styles of handwriting. The printable worksheets are perfect teaching tools that your students can bring home for extra practice. These worksheets will help prereaders and help students identify and understand very common words. This is usually step one towards becoming a fluent reader. Once students master these words, they can move on to small sentence (5-7 words) reading and even writing.

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Printable Sight Words Worksheets

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All Words

Look at all the food. Use the word shape to write the word.

A Little Am

Use the word shape to write the word of this all too common sight word (am).


You are my friend. Write the sentence.

at Sight Word

We are at the fair. This word displays the location of something.


Ken ate a burger. The past tense of eating food.

be Sight Word

Let's be friends! This create a sense of belonging.

black (The Word)

This bear is black. This give the reader a descriptive fact about the subject of a sentence.


The dog is brown. This word establishes a sense of being.

but Sight Word

I ski, but you do not. There is always a but with some people.


She came home. This gives a sense of travelling.


I did my homework. This sight word tells the reader you have accomplished something.


I do like cookies. This word stresses the affirmative.


He will eat carrots. This sight word lets people know you took in food and hopefully are full.

Get Four

There are four fans.

The word "get"

I will get a gift.