There are many tools authors use to tell stories. These worksheets define some of them.

Effective stories have similar structures, and an author has a lot of different ways to present information to the reader, from narrative voice to well-rounded characterization to effective imagery to… etc. This collection of activity sheets will introduce your students to structuring a story correctly, as well as defining some of the terms used when discussing literature. Answer keys have been provided where necessary, but note that in some cases, answers will vary by student.

Project idea: When adapting stories into movies, sometimes the structure changes. Have your students compare a movie and book to identify these changes, and discuss whether they are more, less, or as effective.

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Print Literary Terms Worksheets

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Matching Terms

Match each literary term with its correct definition. Example: A literary device that shows readers specific events that happened before the current action of the story.


Read each definition. Fill in the correct literary term.

Do You Know Your Terms?

Examples include: Extreme exaggeration for the purpose of adding meaning. When the reader knows something that the character doesn't. When a character says one thing but means another.


Let's see what students know about the top fifteen terms that pop up often.

Fill in the Blank

Complete each sentence with the correct literary term.

Term Me!

Read each definition. Fill in the correct literary term.


If the previous worksheet gave you a hard time, substitute it with this one.


Choose the correct answer for each question.

Every Story Has Them!

Fill in the blanks with the correct literary term for each definition. In the box below each description, briefly demonstrate your understanding of the term by giving an example of it from the reading.

Page 1 of Page 2

Every story has them Literary terms page 2 of the 2.

Choices Authors Make

Some literary elements appear in every literary work. Others only appear when an author puts them there. The literary techniques below are all choices that an author makes.

Using Literary Terms to Talk About Stories

: The following literary terms are commonly used to describe elements of storytelling. Define each term. Then find an example of each literary term in the reading and write it in the box.


Provide an example (title) of each of the following. Be sure to punctuate your answers correctly.


Identify each of the four types of conflict, and provide an example of each. Refer (by title) to books or stories that you have read.

Knowledge Check

Circle the correct answer for each question.

Literary Terms in Action

Think about the literary works you have read this semester. Write down an example of each of the following literary terms.