Practice makes perfect with Sentence Writing worksheets from the Easy Teacher grammar and phonics series.

When the time comes for your class to implement the grammar techniques you have taught, the most effective way to enhance writing skills is to work through each of the modules presented below. Fifteen worksheets allow students to work at their preferred paces to match learning styles. The premise behind this set of worksheets is to apply hands on experience when learning about different types of sentence structures. You can ask your kids to take a paragraph and expound on the story the paragraph tells.

Get down to the nuts and bolts of writing by gaining access to the highly rated worksheets. Practice your ability to write clear and concisely.

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Printable Sentence Writing Worksheets

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Expanding Sentences

Follow the instructions to expand the sentence below in the various ways indicated.

Writing Sentences

Expand each sentence below into a complex sentence, using the subordinating conjunction in parentheses.

Complex Sentences

Change each sentence below into a complex sentence.

Writing Topic Sentences

Choose five of the topics below. Write a topic sentence for each topic that you choose.

Writing Simple Sentences

There are four kinds of sentences in the English language. The structure for each type can differ in verb tense, word order and in punctuation.

Creating Complex Sentences

Read each set of sentences below. Create a complex sentence that will signal to the reader that the first sentence given is the most important.

Writing Cleft Sentences for Effect

On a separate sheet of paper, create sentences based on the sentence below that emphasize different aspects of it.

Writing Sentences

Write 5 original sentences as indicated below.

Expanding Sentences with Details

Use the hints in parentheses to add detail and expand the sentences below.

Writing Topic Sentences

Write a topic sentence to introduce each set of facts.

Writing Concluding Sentences

Write a concluding sentence for each paragraph.

Writing Interrogative Sentences

Some sentences make a statement. Others ask a question. Rewrite each sentence below so that it asks a question.

Writing Sentences

Write a sentence to describe what is happening in each picture.

Writing Sentences

Write a complete sentence to respond to each prompt.

Best Treehouse Ever!

Look at the picture. Then write five sentences that describe the treehouse.