These sheets contain sets of colorful letter cards to teach your students the alphabet.

These are colorful printable posters for a teacher's classroom. Great for young students that need to constantly view the letters of the alphabet, as they commit it to memory. There are two sets of alphabet cards on these pages. The first set consists of four cards per page, the upper and lower case forms of the letters, a picture of an object that begins with that letter, and the word describing the picture. The second set also has four cards per page, both cases of each letter, and a picture (many of these pictures are different from the first set), but has left off the descriptive word.

Group Activity Idea: Hold timed races to see who can arrange the cards in alphabetical order the fastest!

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Printable Alphabet (Letter) Posters

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

A-D Letter Poster

ant, bat, caterpillar, dog

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E-H Poster

A very colorful poster for you to hang on your classroom wall.

I-L Poster

Make sure to turn your background printing on for this one. The iguana and kangaroo require it.

Moose - Parrot Poster

See if students can infer what a "nautilus" is.

Quail -Tiger Poster

The salamander looks a lot like a chameleon doesn't it?

Scientific Names for U-X Poster

That is one really happy vulture. He must have just eaten something.

End and Beginning of Alphabet

We begin to just focus on the letters.

C-F Poster

We removed the words and changed up the pictures for you.

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G-J Poster

See if you can figure out the "J" animal.

K-N Poster

Is the "L" for lucky or leprechaun?

O-R Poster

That is Little RED Riding Hood.

Santa - Viper Poster

That is UNCLE Sam holding up the United States flag.

Witch - Zebra Poster

That is an x-ray and a yak. I knew you would ask.