This set of activity sheets will give your students practice defining, creating, and using contractions.

In this section we focus on identify and using them in basic sentences. If you progress to our writing worksheet section, you will find activities that encourage students to work on the placement of contractions in full length informal works. This is where we want our students to move forward towards. This collection of worksheets will teach your students how to use contractions by having them identify the words that a contraction is made of, combining words in order to make a smoother transition, placing apostrophes in the correct place, and more. Answer keys have been provided for instructors. Fun Fact: The incorrect use of an apostrophe+s when creating plural nouns-inadvertently turning them into possessives-is known as the "greengrocer's apostrophe."

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Print Contraction Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key.

Stand For Worksheet

Stand For It?

Write the words that each contraction stands for. For extra credit indicate which form helps the language sound better.

Symbols Worksheet

Using Symbols

Rewrite each sentence below, replacing the underlined words with a contraction.

Proper Form Worksheet

Write It Properly

Write the correct contraction for each set of words.

Apostrophes Worksheet

Apostrophe Sightings

Keep your eyes open, you easily miss all that is going on in here. You underline a term and then define it on the line.

use of Parentheses Worksheet

Parentheses Pack

Change the words in parentheses into a contraction.

Sets Worksheet

Word Sets

A contraction is a shortened form of two words. An apostrophe takes the place of the missing letter(s).

Meaning Worksheet

Contraction Action

Correct the contractions in each sentence. Write what the contraction means on the line.

Good Grammar Worksheet

Using Apostrophes

Insert the apostrophe to correct each sentence. It should read well.

Growing Worksheet

Growing Exercises

Insert the apostrophe to correct each sentence. You will also use multiple skills to work on this form of grammar.

Correction Worksheet

Choose the Correction

Find the two words in each sentence that will make a contraction. Circle the correct contraction.

Your and You're Worksheet

Your and You're

Many adults don't even use this correctly. We work on this skill in heavy detail.

Your and You're #2 Worksheet

Using Your and You're Correctly

Your means "belongs to you": Write three original sentences using the word your.

Your and You're #3 Worksheet

Your and You're

The words your and you’re are often confused. Though they sound the same, they have very different meanings.

You Are Options Worksheet

You Are Options

Write 5 original sentences. Each sentence should use the combination of the words your and you’re, in the order they are given in parentheses, correctly.

The Original Worksheet


The words your and you're are often confused. Though they sound the same, they have very different meanings.

What Are They?

A contraction is the shortening of a word or group of words by the omission of one or more letters, which omission is then replaced by an apostrophe. We these in verbal language all the time. The use of an apostrophe replaces some of the internal letters in writing. This form of words and phrases are used in situations where writing space is the main consideration. You will find it ever present in all forms of display advertising. Many times, advertisers are limited on the number of characters they can use in their language. A good contraction can save those valuable characters to help you get your message out. You find their use limited, if at all, in very formal writing such as academic and professional papers.

Why Do We Use Contractions in Writings?

The English Language is extensive and can be worked around in many different ways, so there are rules as to how you can progress forward and grow. But when it comes to conversing, people can depend on stylistic choices. One such occurrence, in this case, is made by the use of contractions. Before we understand who uses it and why let's know what they are.

What Are Contractions?

Generally, contractions mean the process of something becoming smaller than they already are; to contract.

In the English Language, contractions are shortened versions of words. This can mean shortening one long-term or two small words too. When using contractions, an apostrophe represents the letters that have been cut short. Contractions are usually put in place for verbs or auxiliaries, for example:

He could not = He couldn't

I have = I've

We are = we're

Contractions are fundamentally used to combine two words to create a more concise, crisp, and neat sentence. Using contractions helps increase readability and makes the writing less formal for daily conversations.

When To Learn

Children should begin learning contractions after the first grade. In the second grade, the focus should shift to constructing sentences that can help children hone their conversational skills because you speak the way you write. Starting at an early age can prove to be beneficial for the child.

How Do We Need To Use Them

Contractions help us form sentences in a much better flow. They cut down on extra words and make the writing more presentable, tidy, and to the point.

Example I: 1. I would have gone to the doctor if I had had money.

I would've gone to the doctor if I had money.

Example II: 2. I do not know how to proceed from here.

I don't know how to proceed from here.

Example III: 3. I should have gone to see mum in the morning. Then only I would have known how she was doing.

I should've gone to see mum in the morning. Then only I would've known how she's doing.

Example IV: 4. If we don't attend the party, do you know what will happen?

If we don't attend the party, do you know what'll happen?

Exercise: The following are a series of sentences for you to practice with:

1. I should not have gone to the concert last night.
2. Where did you vanish to the other day?
3. There will be a class tomorrow.
4. He has not paid me back yet.
5. Let us go buy some donuts.

Where Can We Use Them?

Contrary to popular belief, contractions can be used in formal writing. It is understood that because contractions help ease daily conversations, there is no space for them in the formal language. However, that is untrue. Formal writing welcomes contractions due to the purpose it fulfills and the convenience it presents in front of us.

Why Do We Use Them?

Contractions have a direct relationship with tone. The tone plays a role regardless of the writing that is being pursued. So, we play around with different methods to maintain a particular sort of camaraderie.

Not using contractions in sentences can make your writing uncomfortable and unnecessarily lengthy. Considering how much we've evolved and how far we've traveled, it makes sense to consider what makes us feel comfortable and gets work done fast.

Key Takeaways For You

Learning the English Language is not a one-day job. You need time and space. More than that, you need to practice. Writing is like fine wine; it gets better with age. Everyone has a style they feel comfortable with, which makes them a unique writer. But certain cues help every writer become better and more skilled.