The following pages will familiarize your students with the use of different English idioms.

Though idioms often function as a metaphor, they are not considered to be one. Idioms require total familiarity with a culture in order to be correctly interpreted because the individual definitions of the words are not supporting the comparison. Instead, it relies on shared cultural references to make its point. This collection of worksheets will introduce your students to common English idioms. Students will use context clues to correctly match idioms. Answer sheets are provided.

Project idea: Have your students choose a favorite idiom and research its origin. Note that some have many different theories as to where and how they developed.

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Print Idiom Worksheets

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Using Idioms

The sentences below express literal thoughts. Rewrite each sentence using an idiom from the Idiom Bank.

Sentence Meanings

Use each idiom in a sentence. Then tell what the idiom means.

Filler Up!

Read the idioms below. Fill in the blanks to complete each sentence.

Track It Down!

Underline the idiom in each sentence.

Change Up

Read the sentence. Then, on the line below, rewrite the sentence to convey the same meaning without using the idiom.

Sentence User

Look at each picture below. Match it to the idiom that describes what is going on in the picture. Write what the idiom means. Then use it in a sentence.

Literal Words

Underline the idiom in each sentence below. Then rewrite it using only literal words.

Translate It

Rewrite each sentence below, translating the highlighted word(s) into literal language


Find it in each sentence and explain what it means.


Explain the nature and use of each short phrase that you are shown here.

The Common List

Typical examples include: I know this place like the back of my hand. This product uses cutting edge technology. I figured that getting Ed to agree ought to be a snap.

Sentence Stuffers

Use the word chunck or phrases to complete the sentences.

Da Bank

Choose the idiom that best matches each situation. Write the idiom’s letter on the line next to each item.

Box of Beats

Explain what each idiom means.


Translating the meaning of slang is a huge profession in other countries around the world.