Make teaching phonics fun again by incorporating CH blend worksheets into learning lessons.

By using 15 different educational worksheets, you engage your students to expand their vocabularies by teaching CH blended words. Each CH blend worksheet caters to unique learning styles to ensure no child is truly ever left behind. From cutting and pasting images to Challenging students to pronounce a word and then color the image associated with the word, you have several interactive tools in the classroom that keep your kids involved in the learning process.

Put an end to mundane teaching lessons that lull your students to sleep. Turn to 15 interactive worksheets that teach your kids about the many ways CH blends into numerous words.

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Printable Ch Blends Worksheets

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Blends: ch th

Say the name of the picture. Circle the blend sound that you hear. Write the word containing the blend sound on the lines.

Blender Reactions

Touch and say each letter sound. Slide your finger across the two letters to blend the sounds together. Find and circle the pictures whose names start with or contain the blend.

Word Shapes

Write a word in each shape that begins with the consonant blend.

Unscrambling ch Words

Unscramble the ch words. Use the pictures as clues. Write the words inside the word shapes.

Consonant Blends: ch

Cut out the pictures. Say the name of each picture. Glue each picture into the correct box.


Color all the words that begin with or contain the ch blend.

Cheerful and Charity

Read the word, write it, and use it in a sentence.

Portraits of ch

Take the words and make it into something special.

Letter Blends: ch

Can you think of two things whose name contains the blend ch? Draw a picture of each thing. Then write its name on the line.

Cut and Paste: ch

spinach sandwiches church chili choice artichoke change purse teach

Make a 'ch' Sentence

Cut out the words below and rearrange them to complete the 'ch' sentence.

Writing 'ch' Words

Add the letters ch to complete each word. Then write the word.

Consonant Blends: ch

Find the 'ch' words. Write them in the matching boxes.

Consonant Blends: ch Puzzle

Circle the words that begin with or contain CH. Write them on the lines.

Comment It

Choose a /ch/ word to complete each sentence.