This is a great technique to help stimulate critical reading skills for students.

The cloze reading method is great to help students really learn to think deeply while reading and using language skills. The basic technique involves evaluating a reading passages that is as simple as a sentence or as complex as full paragraph and leaves a word or phrase blank thus requiring students to think critically to find and produce the missing word or phrase. This can help you learn a wide range of language skills that start with reading but step up to full writing worksheets. Being able to predict words with help you expand your vocabulary and your overall sense of esteem with the language. I find that this technique really helps students develop a sense of cueing within their reading and it helps them construct meaning from what they read. Several studies have looked at the use of the cloze procedure with stronger and weaker readers. The cloze technique has shown the ability to improve comprehension for both likes of readers. It has been shown to dramatically increase short term recall.

There are many ways that teachers can use this technique. Some teachers choose to blackout or whiteout words in many different works that they would normally cover with their students and prompt their students to them up the best word possible. Not only does this technique help out language input (reading) skills, but it also helps us learn to write. We have all had that time when we were creating a work and just couldn’t find that perfect work. What better way to practice for this situation? These worksheets will run students through the use of this technique and help them develop stronger language skills. As you will see as you progress with these cloze worksheets the topics are widely varied, but the difficult level slightly increases as you progress down the page.

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Printable Cloze Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Cloze in Da Blanks

Fill in the missing word in each sentence. I would suggest that read each cloze sentence several times. There are many different words that can help make it a complete thought.

Sentence Filler

Since Kim was the only one in the room, she _________________ have turned on the light.


______________ I can't understand is how you came to be there in the first place.

Completing Cloze Sentences

This business operates in ____________ the same way as my last one did.

What is Missing?

Complete each sentence by writing in the missing word.

Word Bank

Fill in the missing words. Use the Word Bank.

Classroom Rules Cloze

Choose from the words below to fill in the blanks in the rules.

All About Bees

Bees are beneficial insects because they spread pollen _____________ plant to plant.

Sarah the Squirrel

Sarah the squirrel was fascinated by human beings. She lived in a tree next to a house where a boy named Paul and a girl named Lulu lived. Sarah loved to watch Paul and Lulu.

Fill in the Blank

There were seven children invited to the birthday __________________.

Complete the Sentences

The dog was glad to see me. He wagged his ____________.

Making Pancakes

In a large __________________, sift together flour, sugar baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

Lots to Do

I feel sorry for June, who is ___________________ to chocolate.

Billy and the Paper Airplane

Billy flew the paper airplane all the way across the living ________________.