These are a great set of worksheets to help students learn how to write proper sentences.

Proofreading and correcting your own work can be much harder than correcting the work of others. That is because when we re-read our own work, we tend to hear what we intended to write, not what is actually written. To correct a sentence, whether you wrote it or not, you should fully understand what is expected to be in a sentence. It should be a complete thought that does not need input from anything else. It should include a verb and subject. As you progress, this will become second nature.

Sentences should all pass the smell test. The test I speak of is the common characteristics of a well written sentence. Which starts with no mistakes in grammar structure or mechanics. You can check this by reading it slowly to yourself and making sure it reads and you would say it. A sentence should start with a main point and get that across to the audience. A well written sentence is easy to read and rolls softly in an understandable manner. This selection of worksheets will see if you can complete or identify sentences that knock it out of the park.

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Printable Sentence Correction Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Your Sentence

Circle the mistake in each sentence. Write the correction.

Correct the Errors

Rewrite each sentence, correcting the errors.

Correcting Sentences

Cross out the error in each sentence. Write the correction.

Sentence Correction Skills

Rewrite each sentence. Correct the errors.

Error Correction Exercise

Some of the lines in the paragraph contain errors. Find the errors and write the correction on the line. If the line does not contain any errors, write a check mark on the line.

Messy Paragraphs

Rewrite each paragraph. Correct the errors.

My Bad!

Which of the following is a complete sentence?

A or B?

Identify the correct verb to complete each sentence.

Finding Errors in Sentences

Choose the sentence in each set that does not contain an error.

Making Corrections in Sentences

Correct the errors in each sentence. One sentence does not have an error.

Correct the Sentences

The sentences below contain errors. Rewrite each sentence without the errors.

Correcting Punctuation

Add or change punctuation where needed to correct the errors in each sentence.

Sentence Errors

Rewrite each sentence, correcting the errors.

Using Editing and Proofreading Marks

Use the editing and proofreading marks to correct the errors in the passage.


Choose the sentence from each set that is punctuated correctly.