Demonstratives are words that we use to display where something is located in relation to person speaking.

Demonstratives are the words we use to point to something in a situation. Demonstratives are often used to establish a sense of relationship between two things. They can be used to display a physical position. For example: The ball is near Jacob. The word "near" tell us that the general position of the ball. Demonstratives can also be used to display a psychological state. For example: My brother and I are very close. The word "close" in this sentence indicates a sense of a relationship between two siblings. You can also use them to point out specific objects. For example: Have you seen this pair of sneakers. The word "this" singles out a specific pair of sneakers. There is no general rule for the placement of demonstratives within sentences. They can be found attached to the subject of the sentence or they can freely float around a sentence. The series of worksheets below will help students learn how to identify demonstratives and they will move on to helping students use them in their own sentences.

These worksheets have a great deal of variety as to what students are asked to do. We begin by choosing the placement of words. We then advance on to recognizing the proper usage of a word based on relative placement. We move on to analyze sentences and break down their function of words. As we progress, we move on to rewriting sentences with this skill in mind. We advance to writing full paragraphs based on a them with use of theme-based adjectives and pronouns. In the end we learn how to organize our writing with regards to distance and time. This is an important skill to advance our writing skills.

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Printable Demonstrative Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Recognizing Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns point to something specific in a sentence. They can point to something that is either close or far away in distance or time.


Choose the correct word from the word bank section to complete each sentence.

Using Demonstratives

The words this/these indicate something that is close to the speaker in distance or time. The words that/those indicate something that is far away from the speaker in distance or time. These can be used as either adjectives or pronouns.

This, That, These, or Those.

Circle the correct word to complete each sentence.

Practice Worksheet

In each sentence, underline the idea that the pronoun refers to.

Complete It!

In each sentence, underline the idea that the pronoun refers to.

Underline It!

Underline the word target in each sentence. Indicate whether it is being used as a pronoun or an adjective.

Clarifying Demonstratives

Rewrite the second sentence of each pair to clarify the idea that the pronoun this refers to. You may use this, that, these, or those as an adjective (followed by a noun or noun phrase). Rewrite only the second sentence.

Writing with Power

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the subject with a better word to add power.

Writing with Authority

Write a paragraph about something you did recently. Use at least five demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in your paragraph. Underline where you placed them.

Sentence Rewrites

Rewrite the second sentence in each pair below, using a demonstrative pronoun to simplify it.

As Adjectives

Choose the correct adjective from word bank at the top to complete each sentence.

My Adjectives

Complete each sentence with this, that, these, or those.

Writing Clearly

Rewrite the second sentence to demonstrate your use of the skills that we have learned.

Practice Worksheet

We will identify the use of these words and then we will explore sentences to see how they are used in each instance.