Have students learn to use action verbs and identify them in sentences with these worksheets.

On this series of worksheets, we will focus on the type of verb that describe an action. The worksheets begin with identification activities we will then transition to helping you use these terms in your own writing. There are two types of action verbs that are used. A transitive verb form are words that affect a specific object. A good example of this is the word washes. You can only be washing one thing at a time, so this is a direct object. Intransitive verbs do not apply to a specific person or thing, instead they focus on what the subject of the action is doing. A few common intransitive words would include yell, play, and go.

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Printable Action Verb Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Underline Worksheet

Underline the Word

An action verb is a word that shows what someone or something is doing. Underline all of them within the series of sentences that you are seeing.

Cat Grins Worksheet

The Cat Grins

Find the word that is making it all happen. You can circle them or show them in anyway that you choose to.

Punk Worksheet

A Bit of Punk

If the bolded noun in each sentence is an action verb, label its role. If it does not serve this role, circle "no."

Complex Worksheet

What Do They Do?

Mrs. Willoughby watches us on Saturday nights. The word in this case is "watches". This worksheet floats a slightly higher level of vocabulary.

Identifying Action Verbs Worksheet

Identifying Verbs

Write what is actually taking place on the line that is provided for you? You will write the term of interest found in each sentence.

Some Action Worksheet

Take Some Action

Find the word that is doing something about it. These are quick and sweet. A nice way to do a mass review of this skill.

Pick Out Worksheet

Pick It Apart

This requires you to identify words and pick them out of the sentences.

Robot Worksheet

The Robot is Freaking Me Out!

The robot stared at me. The robot waved at me. How many did you see in the past two sentences?

Verbs Express Physical or Mental Activity

Verbs express either action or a state of being. Another way to think of it is that a verb can express either a physical activity or a mental activity.

Longer Sentence Worksheet

Longer Sentences

We have you work with much longer sentences in this worksheet. This allows use to take this skill on to the next level.

Box Worksheet

Oh Boxy

Some of these sentences have multiple actions to identify. Just take your time and identify all of them as you see.

Tangible Worksheet

Thoughts and Actions

Some words will present as thoughts that are not tangible. A good way to approach these parts of speech is to spot movement of somekind.

Action or State of Being Worksheet

Action or State of Being?

Read each sentence. Does the underlined word refer to an action or to a state/condition? Write your answer on the line.

Fill Ins Are Fun

Fill in the blank in each sentence with an action verb of your choice.

One Should Worksheet

One Should Do It

See how well you can perform this skill, now that you have had some practice at it.

What are Action Verbs?

There are many different words in the English language that are used to describe what someone or something is doing. These are critical words to any sentence because they tell us what is going on. Without the presence of these words, the sentences do not make sense or offer much information to the reader. It can be things as simple as walking or complex as writing a fractional algorithm to solve a world health crisis. Any time a single word is used to describe what a subject is doing; we refer to that word as an action verb. In addition to these words being able to describe a physical action they can also be used to describe mental things and things we cannot see taking place such as thinking or feeling. These types of words come in many different tenses and should be examined in depth to best know which form of the word is the most fitting.

You cannot express a complete thought without using a verb. They are an essential part of a complete sentence.

These parts of speech are added to a sentence to describe an action that can be done by a person, an animal, a thing, or even nature.

For example, a bartender pouring a drink, a dog barking, a kite flying, or the wind blowing are all action verbs. You will often use them to answer this type of question: Can I DO that?

Consider this example:

Sophia updated her resume before leaving the office.

Are 'resume' or 'before' things you can do? Can you 'office'? What about 'updated' and 'leaving'? Can you update? Can you leave? Of course, you can! So updated and leaving are both action verbs in this sentence.

Examples of Action Verbs

The crowd exploded with cheers when the Queen appeared on the palace's balcony and waved.

In this sentence, exploded, appeared, and waved are all examples of action verbs.

The football team stared gloomily out of the window as the rain ruined their match.

Here, the words stared and ruined serve this purpose in an impactful manner.

Gregory wanted a horse for his birthday, but his parents could only afford horse-riding lessons.

In this sentence, wanted and afford are examples of action verbs.

The marathon runners forced themselves to move faster as soon as they caught sight of the finish line.

Here, forced, move, and caught are all serving this role that describe the runners' actions.

Examples of Impactful Action Verbs

If you lead or initiate a project, you can use the following action verbs to describe your action:

- Controlled
- Chaired
- Coordinated
- Headed
- Executed
- Organized
- Operated
- Orchestrated
- Produced
- Oversaw
- Planned
- Programmed

If you develop or build the said project from the ground up, consider the following action verbs:

- Charted
- Created
- Administered
- Built
- Designed
- Developed
- Founded
- Engineered
- Devised
- Established
- Formalized
- Formulated
- Pioneered
- Implemented
- Formed
- Incorporated
- Introduced
- Initiated
- Instituted
- Launched
- Spearheaded

If you want to highlight cost-effectiveness, pick any of these action verbs:

- Conserved
- Deducted
- Consolidated
- Decreased
- Reduced
- Diagnosed
- Yielded
- Lessened
- Reconciled

To show a boost in a company's sales or revenue, try these:

- Accelerated
- Achieved
- Amplified
- Advanced
- Boosted
- Enhanced
- Capitalized
- Expanded
- Delivered
- Expedited
- Furthered
- Outpaced
- Stimulated
- Gained
- Generated
- Maximized
- Sustained
- Improved
- Lifted

To show improvement or change, consider these action verbs:

- Converted
- Customized
- Centralized
- Clarified
- Integrated
- Influenced
- Overhauled
- Merged
- Modified
- Refocused
- Redesigned
- Refined
- Reorganized
- Rehabilitated
- Remodeled
- Revamped
- Replaced
- Updated
- Restructured
- Revitalized
- Simplified
- Standardized
- Transformed
- Streamlined
- Strengthened
- Upgraded

You can show team management and leadership skills through:

- Directed
- Enabled
- Aligned
- Cultivated
- Facilitated
- Fostered
- Guided
- Inspired
- Mentored
- Hired
- Recruited
- Regulated
- Mobilized
- Motivated
- Taught
- Trained
- Unified
- United
- Shaped
- Supervised

Want to find appropriate words for researching, analyzing, or fact-finding? Try these:

- Assessed
- Audited
- Analyzed
- Assembled
- Calculated
- Discovered
- Examined
- Explored
- Evaluated
- Forecasted
- Investigated
- Mapped
- Identified
- Interpreted
- Quantified
- Surveyed
- Measured
- Qualified
- Tested
- Tracked

If you've spoken, lobbied, or communicated effectively, show off your wordplay with:

- Campaigned
- Co-authored
- Authored
- Briefed
- Composed
- Conveyed
- Corresponded
- Convinced
- Counseled
- Defined
- Documented
- Critiqued
- Edited
- Persuaded
- Promoted
- Illustrated
- Lobbied
- Publicized
- Reviewed

Proud to achieve your targets? Win any awards? Hit the goals? How about these:

- Attained
- Completed
- Demonstrated
- Awarded
- Earned
- Outperformed
- Reached
- Exceeded
- Succeeded
- Surpassed
- Showcased
- Targeted

Addressing customers' concerns and fulfilling their needs can be described by these:

- Advised
- Advocated
- Coached
- Consulted
- Arbitrated
- Educated
- Informed
- Resolved
- Fielded

If you raised funds, discovered resources, or brought in a new partner, try swapping responsible for, with:

- Forged
- Navigated
- Acquired
- Secured
- Negotiated
- Partnered

If you fulfill a company's requirements, implement a certain change, or regulate a process, try using anyone of these action verbs:

- Authorized
- Blocked
- Ensured
- Inspected
- Dispatched
- Enforced
- Screened
- Scrutinized
- Itemized
- Monitored
- Delegated
- Verified

Action verbs help identify any action performed by the subject of a sentence. If you want your sentence to sound complete, you need to use these specific parts of speech.