Have students learn to use action verbs and identify them in sentences with these worksheets.

There are many different words in the English language that are used to describe what someone or something is doing. These are critical words to any sentence because they tell us what is going on. Without the presence of these words, the sentences do not make sense or offer much information to the reader. It can be things as simple as walking or complex as writing a fractional algorithm to solve a world health crisis. Any time a single word is used to describe what a subject is doing; we refer to that word as an action verb. In addition to these words being able to describe a physical action they can also be used to describe mental things and things we cannot see taking place such as thinking or feeling. These types of words come in many different tenses and should be examined in depth to best know which form of the word is the most fitting.

There are two types of action verbs that are used. A transitive verb form are words that affect a specific object. A good example of this is the word washes. You can only be washing one thing at a time, so this is a direct object. Intransitive verbs do not apply to a specific person or thing, instead they focus on what the subject of the action is doing. A few common intransitive words would include yell, play, and go.

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Printable Action Verb Worksheets

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Underline the Word

An action verb is a word that shows what someone or something is doing.

The Cat Grins

Find the word that is making it all happen.

A Bit of Punk

If the bolded noun in each sentence is an action verb, circle "action verb." If it is not an action verb, circle "no."

What Do They Do?

Mrs. Willoughby watches us on Saturday nights.

Identifying Verbs

Write what is actually taking place on the line that is provided for you.

Take Some Action

Find the word that is doing something about it.

Pick It Apart

This requires you to identify words and pick them out of the sentences.

The Robot is Freaking Me Out!

The robot stared at me. The robot waved at me.

Verbs Express Physical or Mental Activity

Verbs express either action or a state of being. Another way to think of it is that a verb can express either a physical activity or a mental activity.

Longer Sentences

We have you work with much longer sentences in this worksheet.

Oh Boxy

Some of these sentences have multiple actions to identify.

Thoughts and Actions

Some words will present as thoughts that are not tangible.

Action or State of Being?

Read each sentence. Does the underlined word refer to an action or to a state/condition? Write your answer on the line.

Fill Ins Are Fun

Fill in the blank in each sentence with an action verb of your choice.

One Should Do It

See how well you can perform this skill, now that you have had some practice at it.