A collection of worksheets that help students learn the proper use of articles of the English Language.

What are Articles in the English language? They are words that give shape to nouns and tell us if they are specific or nonspecific. The general list of articles includes the words (a/an/the). Articles can be used to pace a sentence as being general or dialed into the thought of one day. For example, take a look at how we can transform the use of articles: After the long practice, the player smelled particularly bad. In this case we use the article (the). We can transform the sentence to a more general statement by substitute the article (the) for the article (a): After a long practice, a player smelled particularly bad.

There are commonly thought to be two different types of articles. Definite articles are defined by the use of the word (the). Definite articles limit the meaning of a noun to one specific thing, as the title indicates. They can be used to define singular, plural, and even uncountable nouns. Indefinite articles indicate a more general idea or concept. Indefinite articles are usually pointed out by using the words: a or and. These worksheets will help you learn to recognize the use of articles as well as help you learn how to properly form sentences with the use of articles. These worksheets will help students really begin to ponder the usage of articles in their writing. We will begin by identifying their use in basic sentences and then creating our own to match nouns that we are presented with. We will also explore some writing skills and have students write completely original sentences using this skill at all levels along the way. This series of worksheets should help students understand the concept and then begin to use it in practice.

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Printable Articles of English Worksheets

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Indefinite Article

Fill in the blank in each sentence with a or an.

Definite and Indefinite Articles

Complete each sentence with a well placed thought. You will be able to understand the difference between both of these quickly with this worksheet.

Definite Article

Fill in the blank with the correct words, as needed. You will find in the English language the word "the" is the most common one of these.

Correct That!

Each sentence is a bit broken or just a bit screwy. See if you can spend some time tinkering away with it to make a solid thought process.

A or An?

Write the correct uses of (a or an) for each noun.

A, An, and The

Fill in the blank in each sentence with the correct word. You have three to choose from.


Which word would best make this to make a well developed sentence?


We get after it with our three favorite words to use.

Circle the Correct One!

Which one fits it best? That is for you to ponder.

Definite and Indefinite

Which of these would help you best complete each sentence?

Make It Original!

It is time for us to create our own original sentences. This is where we start to advance this skill and really understand it.

Fill Ins

This worksheet explores the skill from two different angles.

Which Way?

Complete each sentence by adding an appropriate missing piece.

Feeling Good About It!

Write the correct indefinite article to go with each noun.

My Fill Ins

How do you feel you would best put an end to these sentences?