Unscrambling letters can help improve your pattern recognition and ability to find commonalities in words.

When you first look at a scrambled word, it looks like a bunch of gobbledygook. Where do you start and where do you go next? Finding a piece of gold in a field of mush can be time consuming and frustrating. There is a procedure we would encourage you to use. Here is how we would suggest you should approach a scrambled word: Start by looking for commonly used prefixes and suffixes. The difficulty is in looking the root of the word. The next step is to look for common letter chunks such ch and ea. Once you have spotted those parts space out your vowels and consonants. At this point, you should have the skeleton of a word and it is up to you to finish it off. As you repeat this and practice, you will find it much easier.

These puzzles hold a hidden educational value in form of constructing a critical thinking activity from something that is simple. Word recognition is heightened in students that perform these puzzles often. You can challenge yourself by approaching longer words in scramble format. For these larger words you will follow the same procedure, but you will take a bit more finesse to complete them. Below you will find a large number of word scramble worksheets to provide you with plenty of practice for this skill.

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Printable Word Scramble Worksheets

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Key to Happiness

Start by unscrambling everything that you run into. Then use the numbered letters to decode the secret message.


What job is it describing?

Why Bother?

This gives you meaning by decoding the secret message that is hidden within the puzzle.

All Creatures

We try to convince you that animals are people too.


The world is a giant place.


Stand up tall like a building.


Names of positions within a family.

Unscramble Puzzle

While unscrambling words that are given to you in a bank might seem meaningless, this will really help you ability to spell and vocabulary recognition.

Was to Describe Things

I would start with the ending letters.

Vocabulary Mix

Yeah, these words don't share much in common.

Take Care

Things that offer some care for others.

Extreme Thoughts

These words tend to shock or overstate.

Conditional Causes

This word set indicates the condition of something.


You would use these words to describe a relationship between two things.

Describing Situations

These are words we would use to describe something that happened.

Double Scrambles

In each set of scrambled words, there is a description of the topic. The other six are related to that topic.

Puzzle Within a Puzzle

You will need to solve the topic word first and then the others become pretty clear.

Scrambled Eggs

You have to solve the top to get to the bottom.

Which Six Words?

What is the topic of each set?

Amphibians and Automobiles

Don't mix these two together. That could get squishy.

Fall and Military Units

Those couldn't be more polar opposite.

Compete and Reign

Nice mix of words in this puzzle.

Sweet Tooth Word Scramble

Tasty treats to decode.

Happy Scramble

Words that indicate a bit of joy.

Food Web

These are words you learned in Biology class.


An out of this world word bank.


Things you would find on you mom's spice rack.

Camping Words

Who in their right mind would want to sleep outside by choice?


Do you know what a skink is?


Names of types of study in the science field.


Some of these fly and others don't.

Legal Terms

Words that lawyers and judges use everyday.


A longer word puzzle than normal.

Famous Leaders

Use the clues to unscramble the words. Then use the numbered letters to decode the secret message.


Are you in search of magic?

What (NOT) to Eat

The message: If man made it, don't eat it!


A completed puzzle to help students work through and understand the others.

Scramble/Search: Negativity

Use the clues to unscramble each word. Then complete the Search puzzle.


What is the color of that thing?


The bones job is the best one.


Is it raining yet.

Car Parts

Do you know what a clutch is?

Healthy Habits

This is a fun double puzzle with lots of new vocab for students.


Finding absent is not the easiest.


Names of shapes can be found here.