The word "thesaurus" comes from a Greek word that interprets as treasure.

A thesaurus is a tool that can be used to find synonyms, in some cases antonyms, to words you are interested in. It is like a dictionary that helps us find similar words. Thesauruses can come in the book form, or as of more recent, software form. New computer programs just require you to click on a word to find dozens of synonyms in seconds. This is a great tool to have available when you are writing, especially extend assignments where you are writing a great deal of text. It helps avoid using the same word over and over; as this can bore your readers.

In most cases printed versions of thesauri are found arranged in alphabetic dictionary-style arrangements. In most cases, you start by choosing the word you are looking for synonyms for. You will find that word by navigating the alphabetic order of words. Once you locate the word, just look at the synonyms arranged right next to it. Choose another word of interest and just repeat this cycle. This tool has endless applications. It can help you write papers, find new ideas, rewrite a body of work, and even help you write a speech.

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Printable Thesaurus Worksheets

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Thesaurus Practice

A thesaurus is a reference book full of words and their synonyms. You can look up general or overused words in a thesaurus to find other words you can use that are more precise or descriptive.

Identifying Synonyms

Circle the word in each row that is NOT a synonym for the bolded word.

Thesaurus Worksheet

Rewrite each sentence. Replace at least one word in each sentence with a synonym.

Being More Precise

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the underlined word with a more precise and descriptive synonym.

Using the Thesaurus

Write a sentence about each picture. Then find words in your sentences that you would like to replace with words that have more precise meanings. Use a thesaurus to find better words.

New Words

Use a thesaurus to find a new word for each underlined word. Replace each underlined word with a synonym. Write your word on the line.

The Reason

Use a thesaurus to find a more precise word for the underlined word. Write down the new word and why you chose it.


Use a thesaurus to find words that are more precise than the underlined words. Then rewrite each sentence Explain why you chose each word.

Using the Thesaurus

Use a thesaurus to find a more precise word than the word under the line. Write your word on the line.

Getting Precise with Language

Use a thesaurus to find synonyms that vary in intensity from the given word.

Thesaurus Worksheet

Look up each bold word in the thesaurus. Write a sentence that uses a synonym that is stronger than the bold word.

Word Choice

Replace each underlined word with a more precise synonym. Write your word on the line.

When to Use the Thesaurus

In each sentence below, use a thesaurus to find a new word that is stronger and more intense to replace the underlined word. Write your new word on the line.

Two Sentences

Write your synonym on the line. Then write two sentences, one that uses each word to express something slightly different.


Write the synonyms on the lines. Circle the synonym that is the most intense synonym for the underlined word.