The federal govern spends around just over one-half percent of the gross domestic product on research each year.

When we identify a problem or issue that we need further clarification on we will research a solution. We can use a multitude of different sources that have previously encounter this and come up with some level of understanding of the nature of what we are dealing with. The process of research can differ from person to person, but the underlying fundamentals are pretty universal. Once a solution is identified it should be the goal of the researcher or research team to share their knowledge with others. Research is important for several reasons. It helps us validate opinions or hypothesis with concrete facts. In some cases, it can validate our opinions; in others it can negate them. This is why ethics in reporting research is important. We need to come clean and disclose the good and the bad to propel human knowledge further. When ever we come across a hypothesis that we are pondering, the first step is looking at what work was done on this in past. If we only publish things that validate our hypothesis and negate those that do not, many people are going to waste time researching things that already do not work.

Research normally starts with first identifying a problem. This can also be called forming the research question. The next step is to learn more by reading through available literature to others who have already tackled this problem. What did they learn? What can you build off of? The next step is to evaluate the sources of the studies you have examined. Who wrote them and are they valid sources? The last step is to identify a solution to your problem based on what you have learned. The research worksheets below will run you through several steps of the process to help you gain insight as how to research your own work.

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Morale of the Story

An ancient fable tells of a tortoise and a hare. A hare is a type of rabbit. In this story, the hare (who was the fastest animal in town) challenged all of the other animals to a race.

Morale of the Story Question Sheet

Who are the main characters in this story?

Hercules Question Sheet

Give a short summary of this story in your own words.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

There was once as ant and a grasshopper. The grasshopper was relaxing, walking along a forest path when he came across his friend the ant. The ant was hard at work, carrying a heavy piece of food on his back toward his home.

The Ferocious Lion

One day an enormous and ferocious lion was sleeping beneath a large tree. A tiny little mouse ran by, running over the lion's paw as it slept and waking him up.

The Field Mouse

A tiny little field mouse was scampering along in a field in search of food. From the trees above sat a little bird, watching the field mouse go.

The Field Mouse Question Sheet

Then the bird noticed something in the field behind the mouse. It was a snake, and the snake was slithering quickly toward the mouse behind its back.

Watch the Flock Question Sheet

The townspeople came running as fast as they could, but when they came they realized that the boy had tricked them.


Once there was a wood worker named Gepetto. Gepetto was sad and lonely because he didn’t have any children. So Gepetto decided to make a little boy out of wood. But one day, Gepetto found that the little wooden boy had come to life!

Chicken Little Question Sheet

The group of friends were scared, and they went looking for the king to tell him the terrible news.

Bill the Shoemaker

There once was a man named Bill whose job was to make shoes for all of the local people. He and his wife were very poor, and because he was the only person in his shop it took him a long time to work on all the shoes that were brought to him to fix.

Voice from the Swamp

A beautiful princess was walking along past a swamp one day on her way back to the castle. It was a disgusting swamp, and she wanted to escape it as fast as she could.

Voice from the Swamp Question Sheet

The frog began to change, and before her eyes it became a handsome, kind prince. The two of them lived happily ever after, and the princess was happy that she had trusted the prince when he was just a frog!

The Geese Family Question Sheet

As the golden goose grew up, the family learned that the goose lay golden eggs! The family would sell these golden eggs and make lots of money, and they didn’t have to be poor anymore.

The Ugly Duckling Question Sheet

This made the ugly duckling very sad. As he began to grow, he became sadder and sadder. He went away from the flock and lived on his own.

Ancient Africa Question Sheet

Well, Anansi was a trickster, and he was punished by magic for his tricks and lies by being turned into a spider.

The Warrior Question Sheet

Armies would put him at the very front and he would lead them into battle without fear. The warrior had become so strong through practice and training.