There are twenty-six letters of the English alphabet. In all these letters make more than forty distinct sounds.

For students that are just learning to read for the first time being able to recognize letters of the alphabet is often one of the first steps toward literacy. While you may think it is an easy skill you need to take into account that students need to understand the order of letters, identify letters that are out of order and understand the difference between lower case and upper-case letters. Often the best way to prepare students with this skill is just practice. The alphabet song is something that we all have experience with, and it has been known to work wonders. These worksheets will be a great leap towards helping students learning their letters.

Technology can be a huge help towards improving these skills. There are wide range of games and apps available for mobile devices that help students' practice. Research has shown this that these types of activities can help improve letter comprehension at a high rate.

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Printable Letter Recognition Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Picture It!

Write the letter that the picture starts with on the line.

Alphabet Practice

Note: This is a two-page series. Practice writing your alphabet on the lines.

Bb | Dd and Pp | Gg

Color the Pps orange. Color the Ggs yellow.


Circle all the vowels.

Letter Matching

Match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter.

Fill in the First Letter

Say the name of each picture. Which letter will complete the word? Draw a line connecting the letter to the name of each picture. Then write the letter in the blank.

It Begins With...

Circle each picture that begins with /m/.

Fill in the Missing Letters

Cut out the letter tiles and use what you need to fill in the missing letters.

Letters in My Name

Write the letters into the correct columns.

Mm | Nn

Color Mm orange. Color Nn red.

Curvy | Straight

Cut out the letter tiles. Look at each letter. Is it curvy, straight, or both? Glue the letters into the correct row.

Alphabet Stamp #1

Use uppercase alphabet stamps or stickers and cover the matching lower case letters below.

Alphabet Stamp #2

Use lowercase alphabet stamps or stickers and cover the matching uppercase letters below.

Fill In the Missing Letter

Circle the correct letter to complete each word.

Letter Sounds

Circle the correct beginning sound for each picture.