These homophones can often confuse students. The best way to approach is patience.

These three words they are exploring are homophones because when said aloud, they sound the same, but are spelled differently. To be honest, I never truly mastered the use of these three words until the middle of my college career. I wrote a lengthy paper for my European History class and the professor took to time to bring up how no one should be given a college degree, if they cannot differentiate the use of these three homophones. From that day forward, I had true mastery of these words. It is amazing what a little embarrassment will do to motivate us.

The word "their" is a is a possessive pronoun it demonstrates ownership. It is the possessive form of the word "they". It means that something belongs to another and establishes that relationship. The word "there" is normally used as an adjective. It can also be used as an exclamation such as in the sentence: "there, I told you so!" The best way to remember the use of the word "there" is that it is the exact opposite of the word "here". The word "they're" is a contraction of the words "they are" or "they were". Students commonly confuse this contraction with the possessive form due to the apostrophe, but it is just shortened form of saying "they are". Honestly to this day, when I run into the use of one of these three words, I just take my time and read it very slowly. These worksheets start by asking students to identify which of the words (they're, there, their) would best complete the statement. We also have them fill statements by writing the words themselves. As we advance on students will write their own original thoughts while using these words in the correct context. The goal when using this word, that you will see as you explore these exercises, is to read the statements and original thoughts quietly to yourself to see which would best fit in each situation.

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Printable They're, There, and Their Worksheets

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What Would Help?

Choose the correct homophone to complete each sentence.

Picture This!

Look at each picture. Fill in the blank to complete each sentence.

Thought Fills

Write the choice that would make a complete thought by writing: they're, their or there on the line.

Original Statements

For each picture, write an original sentence using there, they're, or their.

They're Goes My Thought

They're is a contraction for the words they are. Write three sentence using they're.

Plop Ins

What would fully complete this guy up?

Sentence Rewrites

Rewrite each sentence below, using they're, their, or there.

Make Sense?

To know which word is correct in a sentence, substitute the words they are. Does the sentence make sense?

Which Fits Best?

These are like fill a square peg into a round hole.


How would you rewrite these sentences?

Circles Up!

Read each sentence below. Circle the correct word to go in the blank.

Correct or Incorrect?

Read each sentence. If the sentence is correct, write correct on the line. If the sentence is incorrect, write the correct word on the line.

Balance It!

For each sentence, write the correct word, they're, their or there on the line.

More Edits

These sentences need to be cleaned up a number of different ways.

Originals and Rapid Fire!

For each picture, write an original sentence using there, they're, or their.