Actual scientists have done research to see if these puzzles help humans. They verdict, they do in a lot of ways.

Word finds are puzzles that consist of a large number of letters that are positioned vertically and horizontally with the main focus being to hide specific words within them. A word find puzzle can help students improve their memory and focus. The key element of these puzzles is that they can grossly help you increase your ability to recognize patterns in words. Once the brain has time to soak in a word, you should be able to break it apart and find key elements. The educational component of a word find is substantial, but the activity itself is fun and engaging for students.

Word finds have a poor reputation in the educational community and is often passed off as having little to no value. Some administrators refer to them as a form of busywork, but the benefits are many. The evident value is in word recognition, especially when a word bank is not provided. They help you build your context clue library and increase student recognition within semantics. An undeniable truth is that they can improve your ability to spell. In this selection of word find worksheets you will see that we begin by focusing on vocabulary words that are leveled by grade. These vocabulary lists are then grouped into school segments (primary, elementary, middle school, high school) to provide as a more general resource for teachers and students. In all cases the work is setup up in a similar way. You will be tasked to find the words that are listed in the word bank that is given at the bottom of the worksheet.

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Printable Word Find Worksheets

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First Grade Vocabulary

Find the words from the Word Box in the puzzle.

Second Grade Word Find

Where are those little guys hiding?

Third Grade

These are mostly adjectives. Yes, "gist" is a third grade vocabulary word!

Fourth Grade

The vocabulary that comes to mind when you are thinking deeply.

Fifth Grade

Things people can do. All of these guys can be considered verbs when used in the right context.

Sixth Grade

Vocab. that go to the extreme. They will heighten your use of them in your every day language.

Seventh Grade

Action or lack of action words for you as you break into the middle of middle school.

Eighth Grade Word Find

This worksheet will require some thought. So take your time.

9th Grade

Words that stress some emotion. The may make your face move a bit.

10th Grade

Do you know what all these mean? I'm not sure on a few. A great time to get in on those SAT skills.

11th Grade

Things that people do or think about.

12th Grade Word Find

Vocabulary that tell you if you are ready for college.

Elementary School Vocabulary

Common primary level skills that you should be ready for now.

Middle School

Some of these words will present a challenge.

High School Vocabulary Word Find

I would think of the puzzle as upside down.

First Grade

All of these guys house things.

Second Grade

These words give order to things.

Third Grade

These all point to places or things.

Fourth Grade Word Find

These words just don't matter to most people.

Fifth Grade Worksheet

All of these indicate some form of movement or poor moves.

Sixth Grade

Practice some of the harder words to think about.

Seventh Grade

A well packed word puzzle.

Eight Grade

A few of these will be difficult for you to find.

9th Grade

Words that are exact and give off a sense of being.

10th Grade Vocabulary

Once you find the words that end in -y, everything will fall into place.

11th Grade

Why would you not focus on the vowels when finding these words?

12th Grade

I have two Bachelors and a Masters, but I had to look up three of these words myself.

Elementary School Vocabulary Words

Words that establish a position a person can take or force on an object.

Middle School Vocabulary

Some difficult words for students to practice with.

High School Vocabulary

The last in the series of awesome word find puzzles.