Concrete nouns can be experienced by your audience in a physical means.

A concrete noun is noun that you can experience, in some shape or form, physically. Concrete nouns are things that we can detect or manipulate with our human sense. You can either touch it, hear it, taste it, feel it, and/or smell it. In most cases concrete nouns can be detected by several of the human senses. An example of a concrete noun would be a baseball mitt, you know the glove that we catch baseballs with. You can definitely touch, feel, and smell a baseball mitt. I wouldn't recommend it, but you can taste a mitt as well. When you are catching a baseball, you can also here the mitt.

Nouns fall into two categories concrete, as we have discussed, and abstract. These are the nouns (people, places, or things) that we cannot detect or perceive with our five senses. In many cases these are human emotions and feelings. For example, honesty is an abstract noun. You cannot detect honesty with your senses unless you are a superhero, but honesty is a noun. This is why we call it abstract. The worksheets below will have you classifying nouns as concrete or abstract in an attempt to help improve your language skills. This series is very similar in teaching approach as you will find in must of our language arts worksheets. We explore the craw-walk-run (three part) strategy. We crawl by first identifying the use of these words within pre-written sentences. At the same time, we classify the use of nouns in sentences based on surrounding parameters. Students then walk by brainstorming their own nouns that would make concise use of the words in sentences. We run by expressing ourselves with this skill that we have explored. Students will learn to write with these words with proper sentence construction technique.

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Printable Concrete Noun Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Find Me!

Underline the concrete noun(s) in each sentence.

Concrete or Abstract?

In the sentences below, circle the bold noun if it is concrete. Underline it if it is abstract.

Which Is It?

What purpose does the bold word serve in each sentence?

My Heading

Read the words. Write each word under the correct heading. Then choose three words to use in sentences of your own.

Recognizing Them

Underline the word that you can experience in each sentence.

Classifying Nouns

Read each sentence. Write the bold nouns in the correct columns.

Identifying Them

Read each sentence, paying particular attention to the bold word. What purpose does it serve in your sentence?

Is it Concrete?

We spend some time breaking down the purpose and nature of the nouns in various sentences.

Sorting Worksheet

Read the passage. Sort the nouns into categories below.

What's The Deal?

Read the words in the Word Bank. Sort them into the correct categories.

Which Basket?

Read the words in the Word Bank. Sort them into the correct categories.

Underlines and Circles

You will either underline or circle the words based on how the fit in the sentences and what they make the reader feel.

Write It!

Time for use to determine the purpose of the words in each series.

Descriptive Writing

Practice using concrete nouns by rewriting each sentence below. Add as many concrete nouns as you can to make each sentence more vivid. You may substitute concrete nouns for any words in the sentence.


Underline the words of interest in each sentence.