Using a word of the day is a great technique to teach yourself new vocabulary words.

The body of words that we have at our disposal to communicate with is what we call our vocabulary. As we go through school and life, for that matter, our vocabulary grows year to year and day to day. Vocabulary has a direct impact our ability to read and comprehend what we read. As a result, weak readers will have small vocabulary banks. Reading is not the only way to improve your vocabulary speech and oral language has been shown to help our vocabularies skyrocket. One thing is certain repetition is the key to learn new words. The more we are exposed to new words, the quicker we will learn them.

There are several different methods we can use to improve our vocabulary. The first, as we said previously, is to read as much as you can. The more reps, they better you will do. Having a dictionary or thesaurus handy when reading can really help you get all the words you read. Understanding root words can really help you learn new words because they will build off the old word. There are a few word of the day mobile apps that can help you immensely to build a broader vocabulary library of your own.

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Printable Vocabulary Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Kindergarten Words

Match each word to the picture it describes.

First Grade

Match each word to its definition.

Second Grade

A matching worksheet with fifteen choice words.

Third Grade

When you see these words, you will think they are level up, but they aligned to third grade.

Fourth Grade

Are you as smart as a fourth grader?

Fifth Grade

Write a synonym for each word on the line. Match each word to its definition.

Sixth Grade

Name words that mean the same thing.

Seventh Grade

Match the definition to the correct word. This is a two-page worksheet.

8th Grade

Another two page worksheet for you to practice with.

9th Grade Vocabulary

Circle the present tense verbs. Draw a square around the past tense verbs. Draw a triangle around the future tense verbs.

Tenth Grade

Match each word to its definition.

Eleventh Grade

These are some great SAT words to practice with.

Twelfth Grade

Synonyms and definitions for you to work through.

Middle School Vocabulary

A nice mixture of words and methods for expressing them.

High School Vocabulary

Words that you often see on national exams.