Using a word of the day is a great technique to teach yourself new vocabulary words.

The body of words that we have at our disposal to communicate with is what we call our vocabulary. As we go through school and life, for that matter, our vocabulary grows year to year and day to day. There are several different methods we can use to improve our vocabulary. The first, as we said previously, is to read as much as you can. The more reps, they better you will do. Having a dictionary or thesaurus handy when reading can really help you get all the words you read. Understanding root words can really help you learn new words because they will build off the old word. There are a few word of the day mobile apps that can help you immensely to build a broader vocabulary library of your own.

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Printable Vocabulary Worksheets

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Kindergarten Worksheet

Kindergarten Words

Match each word to the picture it describes.

1st Grade Worksheet

1st Grade

Match each word to its definition.

2nd Grade Worksheet

2nd Grade

A matching worksheet with fifteen choice words.

3rd Grade Worksheet

3rd Grade

When you see these words, you will think they are level up, but they aligned to third grade.

4th Grade Worksheets

4th Grade

Are you as smart as a fourth grader?

5th Grade Worksheet

5th Grade

Write a synonym for each word on the line. Match each word to its definition.

6th Grade Worksheet

6th Grade

Name words that mean the same thing.

7th Grade Worksheet

7th Grade

Match the definition to the correct word. This is a two-page worksheet.

8th Grade Worksheets

8th Grade

Another two page worksheet for you to practice with.

9th Grade Worksheet

9th Grade Vocabulary

Circle the present tense verbs. Draw a square around the past tense verbs. Draw a triangle around the future tense verbs.

10th Grade Worksheet

10th Grade

Match each word to its definition.

11th Grade Worksheet

11th Grade

These are some great SAT words to practice with.

12th Grade Worksheet

12th Grade

Synonyms and definitions for you to work through.

Middle School Worksheet

Middle School Vocabulary

A nice mixture of words and methods for expressing them.

High School Vocabulary Worksheet

High School Vocabulary

Words that you often see on national exams.

How to Vastly Expand Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary has a direct impact our ability to read and comprehend what we read. As a result, weak readers will have small vocabulary banks. Reading is not the only way to improve your vocabulary speech and oral language has been shown to help our vocabularies skyrocket. One thing is certain repetition is the key to learn new words. The more we are exposed to new words, the quicker we will learn them.

Do you have trouble remembering new words in the English language?

English really does have the world's greatest vocabulary among all the languages. Whether you are a novice or an established English speaker, you are continually expanding your vocabulary. Also, there are fresh ways to express terms you know already too.

You should learn new words every day since the larger the vocabulary, the more smoothly you can speak English. However, if you do not reside in an English-speaking nation, you will not have quite as many chances to develop your vocabulary in daily life. You need to go out of your way to increase opportunities to expand your vocabulary.

Here are some tips on how to vastly expand your vocabulary.

Make Reading a Habit

Finding words in their context makes it easier to increase your vocabulary. Reading words in a book or even an online story is significantly more helpful than reading them on some vocabulary list. You not only learn new terms, but you also get to observe how they are used.

You will Lose Them if You Don't Use them

Don't be satisfied with learning a word by Googling its meaning or reading it; these are fine beginnings, but by utilizing the new vocabulary, you actually commit it to your long-term memory.

Try to apply your newly learned terms in as many different ways as possible:

- Make a list of them
- Recite them out loud
- Make mental or written sentences using them
- Make an effort to employ them in a discussion
- Talk about them with your pals

It's also vital to be mindful of the language style you are using: if you find yourself uttering common or general words like “lovely,” consider replacing them with more complex and precise terms.

Try Word Games

Crossword puzzles, Scrabble, Wordle, and Boggle, are all classic games that may help you enhance your English vocabulary. Follow up sessions of the word games with some note-taking if you want to be effective. Make a list of the various terms you learned while playing these games, and go through it repeatedly.


Do something new from your usual routine: fishing, hunting, or blogging. Any hobby that isn't part of your everyday routine may help you acquire new terms since each field has its terminology and communication styles. Read books and online articles that are different from those you're accustomed to. Watch films in a different language. Take up new interests and socialize with new people.

Using Flashcards

Flashcards can help you learn a lot of words at a rapid pace. Many mobile apps make flashcards accessible and easier to handle. The best you can do is aim to learn at least one word each day. You can always go for more, but learning dozens every day won't be as effective to implement in the long run.

The Day's Word

Several dictionary websites also provide a daily word of the day. This is an excellent approach for expert English speakers to expand their vocabulary and make their writing less repetitious.

For example, you may join the Word of the Day and have it mailed to you or register to the RSS feed on Merriam-Webster, Oxford, or These are especially useful since you may read an English meaning and synonyms instead of translating the terms into your own language.

Now that you how to vastly expand your vocabulary, try one or two of these strategies to do just that!