A collocation is a two more words that you will often find together.

Collocation sounds are produced by a series of two or more words that do not look they naturally belong together, but to native English speakers sound just right. Non-native speakers often have difficulty with this series of sounds because they go against the grain. The phrases that these sounds are found often do not translate well to other languages. The mechanics of English really go sideways with these word choices. This is where online language translators often get tripped up. Collocation sounds are often regionally in nature. Depending on where you are located some people may refer to eating a snack as having a nibble or going out for a bite.

Learning how to properly use and understand collocations will make your speech sound much more natural in the places you are using them. They will also give you a richer vocabulary and means to express your thoughts. This can often lead to your words having a larger impact on your intended audience. One of the best ways to learn these is to read as much as possible. In most cases collocation reside in two different parts of speech that are chunked together. We would highly stress to all students that the best way to approach these worksheets is with your ears, but you must first pronunciation the word to hear it aloud. Whenever you decide to put some time in this make certain that it is a time of lower stress, not zero stress, but slightly lower than normal. In order to master this section, you will need to read aloud. There simply is not anyway around that since that is what the section calls for.

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Printable Collocation Sound Worksheets

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Sounds Right?

Collocation refers to the way that some words are regularly used together and sound like they go together.

Missing Words

Collocation also refers to which verbs and nouns can be used together.

Draw Lines

Draw a line to match the word on the left with the word(s) with which it is typically collocated.

How Many?

How many collocations can you think of for each verb? Write them on the lines.

Of, For, or To?

Write the correct article collocation (of, for, or to) for each word or phrase.

On, Into, In

Fill in the blank in each sentence with the correct preposition.

Correct It

Circle the correct word to complete each phrase.

Finish It Up!

Identify the correct word to complete each sentence.

Which is Bold?

Circle the correct word to complete each sentence.

The Sentence

Choose the correct word(s) to complete each sentence.

More Misses

What is absent from these sentences?

Free Choices

Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

Using Adjectives: In, From, To

Complete each sentence by adding in, from, or to.

The Use of: on

Complete each sentence with a collocation using "on." Use the pictures as clues.

Complete It!

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.