These worksheets are great for learning the spelling and use of words that have a common pattern.

Words that belong to the same family all share a common element or sequence. In most cases they share a series of letter blends. This is why you will see word families often referred to as "chunks", because they share a chunk of letters in common. As a result, these terms tend to make the same sounds and are valuable for learning how to spell words. Having the able to find patterns and sounds in words really helps boost your reading ability. Students who are strong in this skill can often sound out unfamiliar vocabulary with relative ease. Students that learn words through the use of phonetic skills often become the stronger spellers.

I like to introduce word families to me students in a variety of ways. First, I start by using a modified graphic organizer that is called a web. In the center of the organizer I place the letter that words in this family might share. Let's say the letters -ake. I ask students for words that have that ending and they will call them out such as: take, rake, make, sake, fake, cake, and continue until the web is filled up. I then have the students use all the words that they thought up in sentences. We take turns reading those sentences aloud. These worksheets will help students begin to understand the magnitude of word families and how they can help them become better readers and spellers. As you make your way through this series make sure to read all of the directions before you begin to work. If you get out too fast, you will miss things along the way. You may need to make sure you have scissors, glue, and a wide variety of coloring tools. Students find this series fun and get engaged pretty quickly with these worksheets. You can feel free to encourage students to work on these independently as well.

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Printable Word Families Worksheets

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The -et Family

Color the words that belong to the -et family.

-ab, -ot, and -at Family

Write the name of each picture on the lines.

The -eep Family

Cut and glue. Write the word.


Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences for each word family. Use the vocabulary term box.

Word Families: -ist, -ift, ilt

Finish off each term. Also identify which family it belongs to.

-uck and -ick

Complete each family. Then use the words to complete the sentences.

A Family Story

Write a paragraph that uses as many terms from the word family as you can.

Picture Words

Circle the term that describes the picture.

Odd Man Out!

Circle the picture that does not belong in the same word family as the other two pictures.

Alphabetize the -eat Family

Put the -eat words in alphabetical order.

-ane Words

Place the -ane words in alphabetical order.

Picture Sentences

Read each sentence. Say the name of the picture. Rewrite each sentence, replacing the picture with the word.

The -ick Family Album

Write each -ick word underneath its picture.

Word Families: - ab

Color the words that belong to the -ab family.

-ing Words

Put the -ing words in alphabetical order. Use the pictures as clues.