Wipe the chalkboard clean and help your students catch the Consonant C fever by using online interactive worksheets.

This series of worksheets focuses on the use of the letter c in words and phrases. One worksheet asks students to circle the images that start with the consonant c. Another worksheet builds on the lessons learned from previous worksheets by challenging your kids to place the letter c in the right words to complete different sentences. Instead of taking time to walk through the classroom to ensure each student is getting the right answers, each worksheet comes with an answer key that helps students in their journey to master the alphabet. End the boredom of rote memorization and celebrate the learning magic with these letter C worksheets. Having a hard time captivating a skeptical audience? Change it up in English class by working with a worksheet that will turn yawns into wide smiles.

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Printable Letter C Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Start With Worksheet

What's That Start With?

Identify each picture and see where it takes you.

Letter Cc Worksheet

The Letter Cc

Say the name of each picture out loud. If you here the Cc sound at the beginning of the word, color the dot before the picture.

Word Boxes Worksheet

Word Boxes

Use the boxes to come up with 4 terms of your choice. Then use them in creative sentences of your own.

Sounds of C Worksheet

Where Is the C?

Which picture starts with the letter "C"? Circle all of them.

Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut and Paste

Where do you see that picture going? Place it in the correct column.

Color the C Worksheet

Color the C

Get your crayons or markers ready for this one.

Write and Color Worksheet

Write and Color

A little penmanship practice. Believe it or not taking time to color within the lines is a big skill that helps a great deal.

Pens and Purpose Worksheet

Pens and Purpose

What would you use the letter C for. Draw pictures to show us what you want.

More Handwriting Worksheet

More Handwriting

Perfect crafting the letter c shape so that you may use them words within sentences.

Word Paste Worksheet

C Word Paste

Where does that item belong? Cut them out and place the drawing next to the terms that represent them.

/c/ Words Worksheet

/c/ Words

Where does each word belong? Cut them out and place them.

Boxes Worksheet

Word Boxes

Word boxes with the words: care, cuddle, cabinet crust, case, acorn acre, bacon, unicorn cactus, music, basic duck, disc, and arc.

Where is It Worksheet

Where is the C?

Add a letter and write the word. Then write it on the line that is located to the right.

My C Words Worksheet

My C Words

Use your inner voice for these guys. Sound out all the words and see which fit our letter in the front of the word.

Fill in the Consonants Worksheet

Fill in the Consonants

Patch up those holes with the proper letter and color away.

Catcher Worksheet

C Catcher

Write the letter and then find it in a picture.

All About the Letter C

All you need is love...

Is that really true? Well, all the great poets and writers seem to think so. Nobody has mastered the English Language, quite like the poets and the writers. The best love letters were written using letters, and what is a love letter without letters? An empty letter…

Sounds confusing? Let us break it down for you.

Like any other letter of the alphabet, the letter C is an important addition to the English alphabet. This is because without it, expressing feelings would be near impossible.

The letter C is the third letter of the alphabet. It is pronounced as ‘si’ and is called "cee" in the English Language. It is easy to pronounce. All you need to do is press your tongue between your teeth and produce a hissing sound.

The Many Pronunciations

C is pronounced using the soft sound of S when used before E. However, exceptions exist to this rule, as is true for many words within the English Language. For example, in soccer, C is not pronounced with the soft sound of S.

This brings us to the second sound, the sound of K. This is used after short vowels, such as in "cricket."

We also have the ch sound which is represented by /tʃ/ but this can also change to K, mostly with words that have a Greek origin.

Silent Cs exist too. These are words such as scissors, scythe, and fascinate.

C is for...

Cat: This is a common way of explaining the letter C to small children. This is because, up until a certain age, children learn through pictures. They make these associations within their brains and attach sounds to certain memories or pictures already present in their mind.

Centigrade: This is a unit used to measure the temperature. Centigrade represents a unit of temperature on the Celsius scale. It is widely used in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Carbon: Carbon is used, in one way or another, by every industry in the world. It is used for fuel through coal, gas, or oil and even utilized to produce plastics and alloys.

Constant: Constant C is also commonly referred to as the speed of light. Its value is 3× (108)m/s. In Physics, many different things are often labeled as C. This is because C can act as any constant at any time. This C is also used to represent constants in Mathematics.

C is a programming language: In Computer Studies, C stands for a programming language that has been used to create different applications and operating systems. It is a machine learning system that has produced the likes of Windows, Oracle databases, and many complicated games.

A type of value: This C Value can be explained as a measuring system that quantifies the amount of DNA within an organism, particularly in the Haploid Genome.

It denotes circa: In literature, "c." stands for "circa," which means approximately and is usually added to mark a date or period.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this is a letter that holds much importance in the world of the English Language. It is impossible to communicate without it. It is impossible to abbreviate without it. Most of all, it is impossible to write without it.

Most of the importance of letters is hidden within what these letters represent. The letter C represents a lot of different symbols, without which calculations would become extremely hard. The letter C saves time, expands upon our thoughts, and is a useful letter in the world of the English alphabet.