Leverage the power of the Internet and make teaching easy by using Consonant D worksheets.

Are you tired of struggling to get through to your students? It's a challenge for every teacher and letter D worksheets more than meets the challenge of making learning fun again. The letter D series of worksheets kicks learning up another notch by not only teaching students numerous words that start with d, but also grammar concepts such as past and present subjunctives. Your students can access a worksheet that asks them to find mistakes or learn about the consonant d by writing more than two consecutive sentences. Ease the boredom of another English lesson by using these worksheets to help introduce the letter D to your students. It's not a grade your students want, but it is fun way to learn about grammar and phonics.

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Printable Letter D Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Starts With That Letter Worksheet

See If It Starts With That Letter

What does each picture tell you or sound like?

D Sounds Worksheet

The D Letter Sounds

On this worksheet you will work through a series of images and tell us where you hear the letter D sound? It's in there!

D Matters Worksheet

The Letter D Matters

This is a dream up activity for you. Think through each thing that is presented to you. You will think up words and then use them in a sentence.

Start With Worksheet

I Start With?

Place a circle around all the terms that start with our letter of interest.

Letter Paste Worksheet

Whole Letter Paste

Cut out all of the images and then paste your letter D words right where they need to be.

Crayon Worksheet

Crayon Bound

Color all the things that make you say D.

Starts with D Worksheet

Starts with D

Trace the letter D and then write it. While you are at take a glance at all the images that start with sound.

3 Steps Forward Worksheet

3 Steps Forward

Trace it first, then write a word and draw a picture.

Trace and Sounds Worksheet

Trace and Sounds

Say the word if it has a d sound. While you are at it, draw it too.

Cut and Paster Worksheet

Cut and Paster

Which words belong in each column? You will need scissors and some glue for this one.

/d/ Words Worksheet

/d/ Words

Get ready to deal out verdicts on pictures that you are presented with.

Word Bank Worksheet

Word Banks

Worksheets that go with the previous sheet above. You can consider this page 2.

All Those Words Worksheet

Write All Those Words That Start With Dd.

Put them all together. Use the image to get you going. Complete each term and then write it on the line.

Handwriting and Vision Worksheet

Handwriting and Vision

Get your hand warmed up and then see what you can see.

Where are They Worksheet

Where are the Ds?

Don't be afraid to color these puppies either. Make sure to complete each of the terms that match the pictures.

Finisher Worksheet

Finisher Worksheet

Provides a review or end to your work. Fill in the holes as needed.

All About the Letter D

Imagine a life without the click-clack clickety-clack of the keys on the keyboard. Imagine a life without this article. We owe our writing, our books, and the vast amount of knowledge we have to the letters in our life.

Without these letters, we would not be able to express ourselves on a piece of paper or in the social world. The passing of time would not bring technological advancement as we would not have a language in which we could share our brilliant ideas with the world.

We would be useless.

D is the fourth letter of the English alphabet. It is pronounced as dee.

- It represents the letter 100 in the Roman Numerals. These numerals are another way of writing numbers.

- It also represents the worst nightmare in the schooling system. It is a grade above an E, and it is often considered one of the lower levels to attain before one fails.

- It stands for the penny. This abbreviation is written as d.

- It also stands for death. The letter d. denotes when someone has died and is usually written to inform the reader about the person's date of death.

- It stands for Deuterium in Chemistry, also known as heavy Hydrogen. It contains one proton and one neuron.

- It in Ph.D. stands for a doctorate, which is when someone has completed four to eight years of the Ph.D. program.

As a Consonant

D is another one of the many consonants in the English Language. It is used differently than a vowel. The main difference is that when pronouncing words that begin with a D, we usually add "a" before them.

The difference between vowels and consonants is as easy as remembering the vowels. However, that is not the correct way. The best way to identify the difference between vowels and consonants is through their sounds.

Identify how the words sound when you speak them out. If they seem to begin with a vowel sound, add "an" before them. If not, an "a" is sufficient.


The letter corresponds to the Greek letter Delta and has been represented by a pictograph that shows the folding of a tent in early times. When adopted by the Europeans, this letter started to represent a sound that was a dental stop that emerged from the pressure made by the tongue upon the gums and not the teeth.

The value of the letter is the same as that in German. However, in some instances, the pronunciation is affected by Verner's Law.

Final Thoughts

D is a letter as good as any. Without it, there would be no diaries, no dissertations, no dangling modifiers, and no way to annoy our professors and teachers without our thoughts, and at times thoughtless, draft upon drafts that they are left to edit.

D stands for the first draft a writer submits and the many denials they have to face. It stands for the art of writing. Without letters, there would be no stories. Without stories, we would have no purpose.

An absence of letters will mean no Shakespeare. It will mean no historical accounts, which will not allow us to learn from our mistakes. Wars would be repeated till the world heads towards destruction. Our letters are important to us, so we should understand the importance behind them.