For teaching students about grammar, nothing beats using interactive Consonant F worksheets.

As classroom sizes continue to grow, teachers look for ways to make learning fun. Reciting the alphabet in a room of 30 students probably means you will not be able to give every student individual attention. However, by using our letter f worksheets, you create 30 learning lessons that cater to the unique learning needs of each student. Each student works with the worksheet that best helps him or her learn about the letter F and how to use words that start with the letter f in sentences that contain past or present subjunctives. You won't flunk out with your students by using interactive learning worksheets that teach your kids about the many words that begin with the letter F. You will find a nice mix of activities available in this section.

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Printable Letter F Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Starts With F Worksheet

What Starts With F?

Take a look at what words start with that letter? Match them to the pictures.

F Letter Sounds Worksheet

F Letter Sounds

Color the dot before the picture, if you hear the sound that this letter tends to make.

Floating Letters Worksheet

Floating Letters

Everything looks nudged to the right, but you will see why.

Circle F Words Worksheet

Circle F Words

That's an accurate title, but it sure doesn't sound right. This is a great beginner worksheet for students.

Fill In Worksheet

Fill the Words In the Place

You will need some glue and scissors for this one. You will cut out all the images and stick them in place under where they belong based on the sounds you hear in the words.

Color Me Worksheet

Color Me Letters

Color everything that has the letter you are looking for. It does not matter where within the terms the sounds pops up.

Review Worksheet

Review Worksheet

Don't just trace get it all together. This is review of all the skills that we have seen.

Right Direction Worksheet

The Right Direction

Work everything to the highest to get things going. You will form these letters using a pencil and the directions that are found in the diagram.

Mixed Review Worksheet

Mixed Review

This covers all your basic skills. You will first identify sounds and letters and then you will practice writing them out.

Pull and Go Worksheet

Pull and Go

Cut out all that you see. Then place the picture next to the term that it represents.

Words with Sounds Worksheet

Words with Sounds

What are the sounds you are looking for. Cut out the terms and place them in the column above that describes where the sound of interest is located within the term.

Example Letter F Words

Example Letter F Words

These are some of the most common vocabulary words that we use when teaching the letter f to students.

### Worksheet

3 Writes

Add the letter and then write the entire word 3 times, if space allows.

Follow the Pattern Worksheet

Follow the Patterns

Circle all the patterned words that you see. You will also get some more penmanship practice.

Real Letters Worksheet

The Real Letters

Where do you put all those letters. It is pretty easy to see where they go. This will help you get a hang of where these letters are located within common vocabulary.

Ender Worksheet


Go over all the skills that the other worksheets made you view.

All About the Letter F

Remember how we used to learn our ABCs back when we were young? Climbing up and down the steps labeled with different letters, we learned to count, read, and eventually write. Now imagine if letters did not exist. Learning would not be a fun activity. Not at all.

However, would we be able to communicate to our teachers what we could not understand? How could we let them know what we needed from them and how would we formulate all the stories that showed our teachers how creative we were?

F is the sixth letter of the English alphabet. It is present within the Greek, Etruscan, and Latin alphabets at the same number. The Greeks know it by the term digamma. The sound used to pronounce this letter is more labial in nature.

This letter is an old one. It has been retained in older languages for a long time before it was introduced to the newer ones. There exists a heated debate over the origins of the letter. Some say that it originates from Greece, whereas others argue that it has already been present in the Lydian language.

Etymologists have finally rested on the agreement that the letter has an Asian origin.

F is for?

It stands for the popular unit of measuring temperature, known as Fahrenheit.

It also stands for "fighter" in the U.S. military aircraft such as the F-16.

In Mathematics, the F in iff exists to emphasize the condition "if and only if," which shows that a particular rule applied if and only if the condition exists.

It stands for female, which is used to represent a person's sex or gender. An ongoing heated debate around this particular segregation exists whereby non-binary people have requested an expansion of the categorization of male and female.

It in Chemistry stands for Fluorine, the lightest yet the most reactive halogen that exists. It is highly toxic and pale yellow in color.

It stands for a fail when it comes to grades. The grading system has also been a subject of controversy for some time now. According to many educational institutions worldwide, a child's worth and intellect should not be defined by a letter on a piece of paper.

Popular Tongue Twisters to Help You with the Letter F

Of all the felt I ever felt,

I never felt a piece of felt

which felt as fine as that felt felt,

when first I felt that felt hat's felt.

Fresh Fried Fish

Fish Fresh Fried

Fried Fish Fresh

Fish Fried Fresh

Friendly Frank flips fine flapjacks.

Five frantic frogs fled from fifty fierce fishes.

Frank feeds fat fish fresh fish food.

Four Furious Friends Fought for the Phone

Fresh French Fried Fly Fritters

Final Thoughts

Letters form languages, and we communicate our feelings through those languages. In its absence, we feel lost as it is the first and final form of communication we have with the outside world.

Children experiencing learning difficulties such as Dyslexia or Autism often have difficulty comprehending said languages. As teachers and educational leaders, we need to make sure we create inclusivity in the classroom. Helping children learn through activities that hand them helpful tools for the long run is much better than rote learning that takes place in the classroom.