Interactive learning has never been more fun when you go online to teach about the consonant G.

Lighten the load your students carry on their backs by going online to teach new grammar and phonics topics. Easy Teacher Consonant worksheets present many different ways to engage your students in the classroom. By giving more control to students, you ensure each kid interacts with the right worksheet that best fits his or her learning style. Consonant G worksheets not only introduce students to different words that start with G, the digital teaching tools also focus on grammar rules such as past and present subjunctive.

Get in the good graces of your students by transforming English lessons into digital learning masterpieces called Easy Teacher Consonant G worksheets.

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Printable Letter G Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Starts with Worksheet

Starts with /g/

Use your voice, match the word and picture and finish off with writing the name of the picture.

My G Worksheet

My G

Do you hear a g sound? Point out where within the word that you hear it.

G Sentences Worksheet

G Sentences

You will come up with 5 words of your very own. Now use each of your words in a sentence.

Circle All Gs Worksheet

Circle All Gs

The pictures do match the words. You can have students either circle the individual letters, words, or images.

In the Word Worksheet

In the Word

Cut out the pictures. Say the name of each picture. Glue each picture into the correct box.

G Color Mode Worksheet

G Color Mode

Color all the words that begin with Gg. I would recommend using several different colors.

Color Writing Worksheet

Color Writing

Trace the letter Gg. Then write the letter Gg.

Gg: Trace, Write, Draw Worksheet

The Letter Gg: Trace, Write, Draw

Just like it all says in there. This will give you solid practice on working towards better understanding how to use this letter.

Connect the Lines Worksheet

Connect the Lines

Connect the pictures to the (letter Gg) pictures. You will also get a chance to trace both cases.

Cut and Paste: G Worksheet

Cut and Paste: G

You will cut out all of the images and paste them next to term that best represents it. The words include: glue, gown, grasshopper, gravy, gift, grave, grapefruit, grass.

Word Sort Worksheet

Word Sorts

Cut out the cards. Sort the words into categories.

Bank of Words Worksheet

Bank of Words

This is a nice printout of commonly used terms for you and your students and their related off-shoots. The g terms include: glare, gun, gum, gate, pig, dog, hog, log, bog, cog, fog, jog, frog, slog, clog.

Writing 'g' Words Worksheet

Writing 'g' Words

Add the letter g to complete each word. Then write the word out in full.

Letter Gg Worksheet

The Letter Gg

Circle the words that contain the /g/ sound.

Little Fill and Color Worksheet

A Little Fill and Color

Make all the words end for you. I recommend you say them all aloud.

Review Sheet

Review Sheet

We cover all the skills we have seen in this section.

All About the Letter G

Remember scrabble? Getting a G in scrabble was rare. However, if you really think about it, anytime you would need a letter in scrabble, it became a rare commodity. Scrabble truly taught us the value of a world without a letter.

Take “gaze” for an example. When the going gets tough, everyone needs to make that triple word score with the letter Z. Not many words come to mind, but when you are caught in a pickle with an AZE, you pray to the gods to give you the letter G.

Every letter has its own importance as they all come together to form words. These words eventually lead to sentences. For a baby, even a small letter is important, what with their limited vocabulary. Without sounds and letters, how would children tell us what they want?

G is the seventh letter of the alphabet. In the past, G was used to merely represent a velar voice stop in the third letter of the alphabet, which was Gamma, or the letter C. However, soon this velar stop started to be confused with the K sound.

A new category was created to differentiate between the sounds. G was given the stage.

G, the Consonant

G is often put down as an example of a consonant. A consonant is any sound marked by closed or narrowed vocal tracts. It is the sound that escapes when the flow of air is blocked.

According to the rules of the English Language, this sound may be bilabial, dental, or velar. No matter what the word may look like, consonants and vowels are differentiated from each other through the phonetic sounds they make and how the sounds differ.

The letter G can be hard to pronounce. However, with the help of some tricks from the English Language, you will master the letter in no time.

Tongue Twisters to Help You with Pronouncing the Letter G

A great way to practice the pronunciation of the letter G is through tongue twisters. Tongue twisters are phrases or rhymes that involve the repetitive usage of the same letter in ways that are hard to articulate. These put you in difficult situations, which help you learn to pronounce better.

  • Greek grapes.
  • Granny’s gray goose goes last.
  • The glum groom grew glummer.
  • Great gray geese graze gaily daily.
  • Gale’s great glass globe glows green.
  • Gilbert grabbed a golden globe giving it to Gilda.
  • Gobbling gargoyle gobbled gobbling goblins.
  • Good blood, bad blood.
  • Gig whip, gig whip, gig whip.
  • Green glass globes glow greenly.

Popular Rhymes on the Letter G

Another great way to learn about the letter G, memorize the words associated with it or practice the pronunciations through popular nursery rhymes.

Goosey Goosey Gander

Goosey goosey gander,

Whither shall I wander?

Upstairs and downstairs

And in my lady’s chamber.

There I met an old man

Who wouldn’t say his prayers,

So I took him by his left leg

And threw him down the stairs.

Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry.

When the boys came out to play,

Georgie Porgie ran away.

Final Thoughts

That is all about the letter G, and then some. If you want to learn about the letters in the alphabet, keep reading your books and practicing your rhymes or struggling with your tongue twisters. Practice can’t make perfect, but it can get you pretty close!