Teach the important grammar rules your students need to acquire advanced communication skills.

This is the tenth letter of the English alphabet. It came into existence during the Middle Ages. Until more modern times, 17th century, it was pronunciation the same way as the letter i. The sound from this letter is often confused by and complicated by the pronunciation of the letter g. This letter has a history of not getting much love. It might be because it was the last letter to be added to the alphabet. So it is the youngest sibling of all the other letters. Fun fact about this consonant it is the only letter of the alphabet not to be present on the Periodic Table of Elements that.

Nobody said teaching would be easy, but the 16 worksheets that comprise the Easy Teacher Consonant J series of worksheets certainly ease the burden placed on teachers. With online access, you will connect each student with the worksheet that best meets his or her learning needs. Grammar rules like past and present subjunctives expand the communication skills of each student in the classroom. The best part is learning does not end once the bell rings at the end of the day. Your students can use the worksheets at home to learn more about the consonant J. Jump ahead of your teaching peers by going online to teach students about the consonant J, as well as several important grammar rules.

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Printable Letter J Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Which Starts Off With J?

juice fruit think judge pet jet jar far ski jet ski

Jj At the Beginning

Which picture begins with a J?

Jj Sentences

Think up some words and then write a sentence with them in it.

Oval Js

Which of these words starts with a Jj: jaguar tomato juice door ant joy potato journey jewel mug

Which Column?

Sort pictures by cutting and pasting them into the correct box.

Started Js

This is a clean black and white version for you to work with.

Draw the Letter

This worksheet gives you multiple ways to attack things.

Trace It, Write It

You are also tasked with drawing 3 pictures, be ready.

Connect the Pics

If it starts with our key letter, let us know.

Paste up the Js

Match the pictures to the following words: jacket jazz jewelry jewel jaguar jump juice jeep

J or No J

Going to need more scissors and glue for this worksheet.

More Words for You

This all goes with the previous worksheet. Make sure to print it out.


Use the picture to help you finish each word and then write the word.

Which Js

Circle up the words that have jumping, juggernaut letters in them.

Drawing a Blank

Complete the word from the picture.

Penmanship and Pictures

Write the letters and circle up some pictures.