Turn mundane English lessons into high-energy sessions by using Consonant K worksheets.

Math class allows students to get out of their seats to work on problems at the chalkboard. Science class motivates students to learn by performing live experiments. Why not take the same interactive approach to English curriculum by incorporating Easy Teacher Consonant K worksheets into the classroom. Each worksheet offers your kids a unique way to improve phonics skills and learn more about the grammar rules that enhance written communication skills. Each worksheet comes with an answer key that keeps your students on the right grammar path.

You see the kid with his head down on the desk at the back of the class? Stir his inner learning beast by digitizing grammar and phonics lessons.

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Printable Letter K Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

What's It Start With?

Match the picture to the words and get it all together: koala coal zoo kangaroo kit kite ring king ski key.

Which One Does It?

Find all the words and pictures that match: kitchen kite bed kittens finger elephant

Dreaming of Ks

Dream up 4 K words and then use them all in a sentence.

Naming Pictures

Write an original sentence using each verb. Use the present Circle all of those pictures that match the words including: blanket van blocks books glasses lamp log bus cake kick

Consonant Letter K

Put all those pictures in the rows and get them all together.

Find and Color Away

If it starts with a "k", make it colorful.

Trace it, Write it, Use it

Put everything together with this one.

3 Drawings

Trace it, write it, and draw it.

Name Them All

Name every picture that you see. Hint: The first one is very Brave.

Kick It and Paste It

Cut out all the images that match these words: kangaroo kick kabab kin Kwanzaa keyboard keg kayak

Where do all those words go?

Sort all those words into two.

Word Bank

This goes with the previous worksheet.

Writing 'k' Words

Add the letter to make it go the right way.

K Does It!

Sound out all the words and find all those Ks.

Complete the Word

Color all those pictures.

What's That Mean?

Work off of the sounds that come through the pictures that you will find.