Change the way your students view homework by going online to teach grammar and phonics.

This consonant (Ii) is considered to be one of the most charming sounds of the human language. It is the twelfth letter of the English alphabet and derives its origin from Latin. There are many words that will use this as a double consonant such as: dull and all. L can also appear in words and be silent, such as in the words: calf and would. This letter is also used as the Roman numeral for fifty. Make learning an experience sought after both inside and outside the classroom by incorporating Consonant L worksheets into the English curriculum.

Each of the 16 worksheets teaches about grammar and phonics in a different way to ensure every child is not left behind. Start by learning about basic grammar rules and then have your students write and rewrite sentences that use the consonant L in a wide variety of ways. Your kids will not wait to get home to learn more about past and present subjunctives. Leave textbooks in the classroom and teach English in the digital era by giving your students the educational gift called Consonant L worksheets.

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Printable Letter Ll Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

What Does That Words Start With?

Find the word and image match: laptop lamp orange lemon ladybug beetle log chop farm lamb

The Letter

Circle the pictures that start with the letter Ll.

More On The Letter

Use the word shape to put in letters that mean something.

Which Of These Images Matches With Lls.

Match the words with the pictures: vest carrot letters boots lips lamp log lute cake lollipop

Glue Up the Consonants

Which of the pictures start with L and which doesn't.

Color Everything

Color the words that make you feel the Love or the letter that word starts with.

Write the Letter L

Color things up that have our favorite letter in it.

Trace, Write, Draw

The title kinda says it all.

Picture Names

Work on your sounds with this one.

Cut and Paste

Match the pictures and the words.

Cut the Word Blocks

Take those word blocks and paste them where they need to be.

Word Bank Part 2

A print out worksheet that goes with the previous worksheet.

Let Er' Loose

Complete the word and then write the whole word.

Finishing with Letter L

Finish off the sentences with the letter.

Complete the Letter Fills

Put letters in there that finish it off.

I Want an L

Where does all this come from?