Learning about phonics has never been more fun when you use Consonant M worksheets.

There are countless ways that you can approach teaching students the uses of the letter M. Let me me share how I do it. Start by teaching your students about the countless ways to integrate words that begin with M into short and long sentences. Then, with advanced tools like "Am I Mistaken," you turn your kids into teachers by allowing them to correct mistakes made in one module of the letter M worksheets. These letter M worksheets keep your kids engaged and prevent the educational doldrums from seeping into the classroom. Answer keys for each worksheet give you more time to address individual learning needs. Eliminate the groans coming from your students every time you break out the English grammar textbook by accessing the letter M worksheets online.

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Printable Letter Mm Worksheets

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Starts With M Worksheet

What Starts With M?

In this activity you will write the name of objects and match pictures together. All of the objects begin with the letter M.

My Ms Worksheet

My Ms

Say the name of the picture out loud to yourself. Mark the dots to indicate where this sound is leaning within the word. Meaning is it found in the front or back.

Sentence Writing Worksheet

Sentence Writing

Brainstorm some words that start with the letter "m" and then use those exact terms in a sentence that you write.

Letter and Word Worksheet

Letter and Word Match

Find the objects and words that all contain our favorite letter.

M Cutout Worksheet

Consonant M Cutouts

This is a cut and paste worksheet. You will cut out the pictures and thing paste them in the correct column based on if they contain an M. You will paste them based on where they belong.

Find and Color Worksheet

Find and Color Ms

Color any pictures that start with the letter M. For extra credit write the word that is being indicated by the image.

Trace, Write, and Color Worksheet

Trace M, Write It, Color Ms

Get after the three common tasks to learn letters.

Penmanship Worksheet

Consonant Ms Penmanship

Give it all to you and carefully write the letters within the lines..

Named After Stuff Worksheet

Letters Named After Stuff

Say the name of each picture. If it has the b sound in it, draw a line to connect the picture to the letter Mm.

Cut and Bank Worksheet

Cut and Word Bank

Match the pictures to the words. The images and terms included are: monster, musketeer, massage, magician, Minecraft, mouse, mythology, and marriage.

Word Families Worksheet

/m/ Word Families

Cut out the cards. Sort the rhyming words into word families.

Word Bank Worksheet

Continued Word Bank

This is the word bank spill over from the sheet above. So you will need to use both worksheets to complete the activity. You can also go an extra step and cut out the words, if you choose to.

Writing 'm' Worksheet

Writing 'm' Words

Add the letter m to complete each word. Then write the word.

Basic Letter M Worksheet

The Letter M

Circle the words that contain the /m/ sound.

Finishes It Off Worksheet

And the M Finishes It Off

Fill in the blank to complete each word. Color the pictures. This is a good worksheet to help students get in the flow of things.

Pinch Out Worksheet

Pinch Out an Mm

Say and name everything you see as you complete this worksheet.

All About the Letter M

As with every other letter of the alphabet, "M" also has an interesting history. According to the Egyptians, the five peaks and wavy vertical lines of this alphabet originated as a means to symbolize water. The letter came about when the Semites reduced the lines to 3 waves; following this; the Phoenicians removed another wave. And so, in 800 BC, the peaks slipped horizontally and turned into zigzags to create the letter M as we know it today.

What Does It Represent?

M is considered to be pretty sacred and sometimes for reasons beyond our comprehension. In fact, it is considered the starting point of all-natural elements in our existence.

M Represents...

  • Water and birth for the Indo-European cultures. Most words in their language, such as Maya, Madhavaa, Mhat, and Mantra, start with the same letter.
  • "Meme" in the Hebrew language. Considered the transition between day and night and between death and life, the word meme has held huge significance in the language.
  • The planet Mars.
  • A musical note.
  • Protection and preservation from God, especially in the world of magic.
  • Egyptian pyramids
  • A Hebrew and Latin numeral. M represents numbers you cannot count. At times, it was also compared to the letter N and represented destruction as well as creation.
  • The 24th position in Arabic alphabets and the 14th position in Russian alphabets.
  • The number 1000 in Roman numerals
  • Manas and Meborah Benedictus (as the names of God)
  • A woman in Hieroglyphic writing
  • Mass in the famous equation E = mc square

What Does the Letter M Mean for Your Personality?

While none of it has any scientific backing, people with names starting with M are considered workaholics and also, surprisingly, spiritual leaders. Full of health, zest, and energy, they are usually the kind who like to spend their time alone but also go out and are driven to make money for financial security.

At the same time, the letter M can also represent negative traits in certain people. They're impatient and get angry easily. They may also consider themselves unfortunate and unhappy.

It Depicts This in Logos

Creation: it brings both masculine and feminine energies in congruence with each other. When it happens, there's a good chance that something new will happen. This is why many fashion and lifestyle brands use it to portray creation and beauty. Mango, a Barcelona-based brand, is a primary example of it.

Balance: It may come as a surprise to many, but the letter M does represent balance due to its appearance. This can go on to represent the same quality in people. The perfect example of it is depicted in McDonald's golden arches.

Communication: While the letter M represented waves in the ancient era, today, it represents sound waves. This is why it is thought to portray the quality of communication. For example, it can also be seen in the Motorola emblem that portrays connectivity and communication.

All in all, "M" has been thought to represent the stated qualities through different eras of time.

Feminine and masculine energies
Divine transformation

In the end, the Letter M does hold a good amount of significance for the ancient and modern world alike. From famous brands to psychological traits of one's personality, the letter rules almost every aspect of our lives. While we have done our best to state all about the letter M, do not hesitate to learn more!