Move phonics and grammar curriculum into the 21st century by accessing Easy Teacher digital worksheets.

Put the "Hooked on Phonics" tapes and textbooks into deep storage and break out the Easy Teaching set of Consonant P worksheets. By making the Internet king of the classroom, you better engage your students by offering several different electronic worksheets that cater to specific student learning needs. The consonant P worksheets include a lesson that challenges students to find grammar and spelling errors in a series of sentences. Spend less time at the chalkboard and more time interacting with your kids.

Reciting the alphabet is nothing more than hearing young voices sing a popular educational ditty. Drive home important phonics and grammar lessons by using Easy Teacher worksheets.

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Printable Letter Pp Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

What the "Pp"?

Match the name and pictures together for the following word bank: pine pipe peel peas petal peel pod pot pedal panda

The Pp Letters

Point out where you hear the sound in each word.

Plop Them In There

Think up some words and then use those exact words in a sentence.

Classic Pp Picture Match

Look at all the pictures and match the words to the pictures.

Cut and Pop In Pps

That is not celery, it is a cucumber.

Coloring Pp Words

Fill in Some Color for those Pp words that are outlined.

Trace and Color Pps

Watch the loop that is made at the top of that letter P.

Letter Pp- Draw, Trace, Write

Work on the loop again and then create the letters yourself.

Where Can I Get One?

I'm referring to the letter Pp.

Get Me Some Glue

You will need some scissors to cut out the following pictures: plane peaches pinwheel pants pregnant popsicle plant purse

/p/ Word Families

Think up some words that match the criteria of each box.

/p/ Word Families Word Bank

This is a sheet filled with words for the above worksheet.: cap slap rap map lip slip rip grip bop cop glop stop cup pup mop

More "Pp" Words

You just need a single letter to complete each word and then you are asked to write the word.

Consonant Pp Trace and Find

Trace the letter and the seek out the sounds in words.

Capitals or Lower Case

See if you got my George Washington reference?

The Plopping P

A full featured review of all letter Pps.