Stir excitement in learning about phonics and grammar with Consonant R worksheets.

Have you experienced a difficult time trying to explain the principles of grammar to your students? Put an end to your struggles by working with Easy Teacher Consonant R lessons. The series of 15 worksheets range from easy to difficult, which gives your students a platform for measuring learning progress. The Consonant R worksheets feature several lessons that teach your kids about the past and present subjunctive. Educational techniques like experimentation and constant testing keeps your students on top of their grammar and phonics games.

Instead of pushing English to the end of the school day, make the lessons the first part of your daily curriculum by using Easy Teacher Consonant R worksheets.

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Printable Letter R Worksheets

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Starts With The Rr Sound

Say the name of the picture. Choose the word that matches the picture. Write the name of the picture on the lines. Words to choose from: robot remote Robert robin rug run raid rain ran rake

In The Beginning Or End

Explain which part of the sound is found in the word.

Letter Shapes

Write a word in each shape that begins with the letter Rr. Now use each of your words in a sentence.

What's An R

Circle the pictures that start with the letter Rr.

The Rr Boxes

Which box suites you best.

Coloring Rrs

Color all of the objects or things that begin with an Rr.

Write | Color

Trace the letter Rr. Then write the letter Rr. Color the things that start with Rr.

Oh That Letter

Trace the letter Rr. Then write the letter Rr.

The Letters Rr There

Say the name of each picture. If it has the r sound in it, draw a line to connect the picture to the letter Rr.

Cutting That Rr

Paste the Pictures of remote rabbits racecar robot run ram rat rocking horse.

Circle The Letter R

Circle the pictures that begin with the consonant R.

Writing 'p' Words

Add the letter r to complete each word. Then write the word.

Trace and ID Rrs

Work on your penmanship a bit and then find the Rr sounds.

Completely Colored

Fill in the blank to complete each Rr word. Color the pictures.

Round #2

Say the name of each picture. Color the ones that contain the Rr sound.