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Printable Letter S Worksheets

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Writing Sounds Worksheet

Writing Sounds

Look at each picture and determine which word best fits and write that word.

Words That Use It Worksheet

Words That Use It

Circle the picture whose name contains the letter S. Write the word on the line.

Get the Box Worksheet

Get the Box

Think up some words that have an S or an s. Then use those words in sentences. See if you can use them in two or more.

Find the Letter Worksheet

Find the Letter

Okay, I'll give you that Camel and Carrot are pretty easy. Remember that it can be anywhere in the word.

S Boxes Worksheet

The S Boxes

Which box suites you best. Cut out all of the images and paste them in the correct column.

Cutting Through Worksheet

Cutting Through The Field

Cut out words that have and don't have our famous letter of choice.

Colors Letters Worksheet

Colors Letters

Color the objects that have that serious letter S in the words that represent them.

Trace, Write, and Draw Worksheet

Trace, Write, and Draw

Take the letter on an adventure with you. You will practice writing it and then draw pictures of words that include it.

ID, Trace, and Write Worksheet

ID, Trace, and Write

A three step review for these letter S. How to find it in words and how to form it with your own handwriting.

Cut and Paste That S Worksheet

Cut and Paste That S

Remove the boxes of words that contain S and add the ones that do.

Letter Find Worksheet

Letter Find

Search out the letter in the mix of the words.

Seal It, Write It Worksheet

Seal It, Write It

Complete the writing of the letters in each case. Then write it freehand on the lines that have been provided.

Letters that Matter Worksheet

Letters that Matter

Work on your handwriting followed by letter recognition for this one. This serves as a somewhat review sheet.

Starting Off Worksheet

Starting Off

Complete the words by using the letter S.

Trace Around Worksheet

Trace Around

Complete the letter fills and find words that contain an Ss.

All About the Letter S

As the nineteenth letter of the alphabet and the seventh most frequently used letter in words the letter S is pretty special. This letter helps us form the plurals of most words and helps us express the concept of more than one. The letter also identifies the size small and due south on our maps. Of course what would Superman be without this letter plastered on his chest?

Here's a revelation about the letter we call "s" today. Initially regarded as a "long s," it was used up until the early 1800s from the late Renaissance period. Surprisingly, it was pronounced as "s" but resembled the letter "f." Here's all about the letter "S" and more.

Fun Facts about the Letter S

  • It's the third most common consonant after {n and t}.
  • It's the seventh most common letter in contemporary English.
  • It is also a very common letter used as the first letter of a word in English.
  • In some words of French descent, this letter is often silent, as in "debris" or "isle."
  • The shape of the Latin S came from Σ in Greek.

When Was the Letter Invented?

While the use of the long s goes back to Roman times, many librarians (especially the ones at the New York Academy of Medicine) claim that the letter was being used in the middle and start of words in around the 12th century.

However, it was during the late 18th century that the use of the long s dropped massively from most printed works. At the beginning of the 19th century, most printers began using the short S.

S is For...

  • Saturn: As the farthest planet from Earth, Saturn was surprisingly named after the Roman God of wealth and agriculture. Interestingly, he was also the father of Jupiter.
  • Sriracha: Sriracha comes from the word "Si Racha," which is a town in Thailand where Gimsua Timkrajang (creator of the sauce) lived.
  • Sulfur: One of the most reactive elements on the periodic table with an atomic number of "16."

Negative and Positive Traits

Interestingly, some people associate the letter S with a person's positive and negative traits. Based on the principles of numerology, if a name starts with S, the person is believed to be strong, self-driven, and supportive. People with the letter S in their names are generally also considered to be the "alpha" and "omega," meaning the ones who start and finish.

Since S stands for self, traits like self-assertion, self-reliance, and self-confidence are commonly linked with personality characteristics of people with names starting with S. Since S is also for Serpent, people are believed to be independent with regard to their spiritual intuition and wisdom. They would rather follow themselves than anyone else. Even the term spirituality starts with an S.

However, on the downside, the same letter can also exude negative traits such as selfishness. Self-centered tendencies in people are also often linked to their names, starting with S.

Spiritual Connotation

Since S is the 15th letter in Hebrew, its numerical value is 60. However, in the Cyrillic alphabet, it is 200. The reason it's considered sacred is that it contains the initial of Sameh, God. While Cyrillic S represents a waning moon, in Latin, it represents a snake-like a spiral. Furthermore, in geometry, it is shown as a circle with a cross. Hence, it is often linked with different destinations of Paradise, especially in the Kabbalah.


All in all, the letter S has undergone various changes over the course of time. From its initial use as the "long s" to its later version, which is now popularly used in the English language, the letter has been refined time and again to suit the needs of the changing linguistics. Nonetheless, it is one of the most used letters at the beginning of many English words. From linguistics to spirituality, the letter is regarded highly, owing to the meanings associated with it.