Easy Teacher electronic worksheets take the frustration out of teaching grammar and phonics lessons.

After lecturing about past and present subjunctive moods for almost an hour, chances are your students have learned nothing more than how to stop their stomachs from grumbling. Easy Teacher Consonant T worksheets rescue you from teaching about dry grammar and phonics topics. Each student goes online to download educational worksheets that describe numerous words that start with the letter T. After making considerable progress through the worksheets, the highlight of the Easy Teacher program is challenging your kids to write multiple sentences in a row.

Do blank expressions from your students tear you apart? Take a different educational journey by using Easy Teacher Consonant T worksheets.

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Printable Letter T Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Write and Read

View a picture and then write the word that matches each picture. Choose from: tear tire tuck truck treasure measure tiger tire terry teddy

Which Is It?

Write the word of the picture that has that famous "t" sound.

Word Shapes

Dream up Tt words that you will use in sentences.

My Tt

Circle the pictures with names that start with the letter Tt.

Is It a T or Not?

Time to break out the glue for this one.

That's Not A Trumphet!

Color the words that start with the letter T.

Trace and Color

We work further on IDing words that make that Tt sound.

Trace, Write, and Draw Tt

Draw some T focused words for your worksheet.

Show Me How

A complete overview of what we are working on over here.

Scissor Time

Cut out the pictures and place them in the correct column.

In Full Color

Circle the pictures that begin with the consonant T.

Words and Words

Finish each word by writing one letter and then write the complete word.

Triple Review

Circle the words that contain the /t/ sound.

Guess What Letter?

Fill in the blank to complete each word. Color the pictures.

Trace Around That T

Trace the letter Tt. Then write the letter Tt. Say the name of each picture. Color the ones that contain the Tt sound.