Become an education trend setter be presenting Easy Teacher worksheets to teach grammar and phonics.

With 15 interactive worksheets, Easy Teacher Consonant X lessons teach your kids new words that begin with X, as well as different tenses of subjunctives. Each worksheet includes an answer key to alleviate some of the time constraints placed on your busy schedule. Simply provide your students with directions to reach the Easy Teacher website and then explain the different worksheet categories that offer the ultimate in educational flexibility. One student might prefer to write several sentences to form a paragraph, while a student sitting nearby might opt for the present tense subjunctive lesson.

X marks the spot for a new way of learning about grammar and phonics by using interactive Easy Teacher Consonant X worksheets.

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Printable Letter X Worksheets

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Write the "x" Words

Which of these words have an "x" in them. The word list shows: xylophone zither exit x-ray serious excited flex fox sit six

Amazed With the Xx

There aren't many words that start with x.

X Brainstorms

Which word starts with the letter x?

Circle the X

Which of these: xylophone lynx pixel mixer sock skier feather glasses apple stairs

Xx Cuts The Spot

Cut all those pictures out first and then break out the paste.

What Words Contain Xs

Color all the words that contain an Xx.

What Has The X Sound?

Color the things that contain the Xx sound.

The Letter Xx: Trace, Write, Draw

Draw pictures of three things whose names contain the letter Xx.


No, pineapples don't have the magic letter.

Strap Out Xs

The word bank includes: exit apex taxes pox wax onyx next text

Letter X

Circle the pictures that end with the consonant X.

Writing 'x' Words

Add the letter x to complete each word. Then write the word.

What Contains the Sounds

Cut out the sounds for you.

Color and Fills

Drop the X where it belongs.

Axe For a Bagel

Do you get the title above?