Printable Consonant Y worksheets from the Easy Teacher catalog allow students to improve grammar skills at home.

Expand the reach of your classroom by using printable Easy Teacher Consonant Y worksheets. The 15 worksheets cater to different learning styles to ensure no child is excluded from improving grammar and phonics skills. Each worksheet prints out to allow your enthusiastic students to take the paper worksheets home. Writing with the present subjunctive is one example of how the Easy Teacher modules encourage hands on learning. Allow each student to progress according to his or her preferred speed, not the rigid rate of learning demanded by traditional teaching methods.

This is not a debate about whether the letter Y is a vowel or a consonant. In fact, there is no debate that Easy Teacher worksheets are perfect for the classroom.

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Printable Letter Y Worksheets

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Y Is That?

Where is the puzzle words in here? Your choices are: yolk shell ball yoyo yak cow yoke collar string yarn

Yy Gets The Spot

I wish I could figure out which word it was.

Y Sentences

Pick four words (with Ys) and then use them in a sentence.

What Start With Y?

I'd fill the name in if they could spell "yogurt" correctly.

Crossout Ys

The words that don't start with Y go into the right column.

What Begins with Y

It's probably not Yat, I mean cat!

Patterned Letters

Make sure to follow the numbers when writing.

Drawing Is The Hard Part

Many of the words you might choose are verbs, they a more difficult to draw.

My Y

Say the words aloud. It is not Sunnyside up, it's a yolk! Check the arrow.

Ying and Yang

You might need to explain that symbol to the kids.

Two of the Four

Some kids won't read the words. They will think the second one is "baby". Just be careful there.

Y in the Front, Words In The Back

Fill the letter and then write the word.

Which Words Are Y

Some kids will see the shape of the pipe and say it has the letter in it.

Yy Consonants

This is a simple fill activity.

That's a "Yawn"!

Yeah, the guy getting up in the morning.