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The letter z is the last letter in the English alphabet making it the twenty-sixth letter. This is letter that is not commonly used in words, but when it is used it is noticeable to readers. There are just over eleven hundred English words that start with this letter. When it comes to writing in cursive letters the letter z is often confused with the letter j. This something you pay attention to as you practice your penmanship. The letter z originally came from the Greek alphabet letter zeta. Around three hundred B.C. the Roman Censor, at the time, removed the letter from the Greek alphabet because he felt the letter was useless. Two hundred years later the letter z made its way into Latin alphabet and breathed new life into it.

In this section we will explore the consonant letter z and all the splendor that it brings our language. You will find worksheets and lessons that as you to name words that begin with the letter z and then we have you draw these words that you dream up. Students will explore not only how to name words, but they will work on writing and using their own Penmanship. By developing an interactive way to teach grammar and phonics, the Easy Teacher Consonant Z series allows you to match each worksheet to the unique learning style of each student. One past subjunctive mood lesson asks students to match the first half of sentences with the corresponding second half of the correct sentences. Another worksheet requires students to circle the correct subjunctive tense image. The variety of methods used to teach your students grammar and phonics subjects will change the way your kids view learning. You will not find any of your students slumped over classroom desks and sawing zzzzzzzzzzzs when you introduce them to Easy Teacher worksheets.

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Printable Letter Z Worksheets

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Match The Picture

Which of those words match the picture on hand?

It's a Zoo in There!

The title refers to the lower right picture.

Catch Some Zs

The choices here may put you to sleep for a while.

Be a Comic Artist

Complete each Z word. Then draw a picture to go with each Z word.

ZigZag, Zero, Zebra

Complete those words by tracing.


It's not a hot air balloon or blimp!

0 The Number

The picture refers to the football player's jersey number.

Everybody Goes ZigZag

It's an easy one to get away with.

Circle The Letter Too

Yes, circle that letter please.

Cutting With Words

The words cut deep.

Inside and Out

We are looking at the letters inside and out of the words themselves.

Add a Z and Finish

To finish, just write the word.

Zinc Bars

"Fizzy" gets everyone.

Blank Fill Ups

Yes, there are many double zzs in here.

My Zoo

No, it is not Robotz!