Every child in your class will appreciate the convenience of Easy Teacher SP Blends worksheets.

This consonant blend is one of the more common blends to be present in upper elementary vocabulary words. The sound given off by this pair are very recognizable whether it is found in the word sports or spider. A fun way to practice these blend words is to have students write poems that end in a sp- blend word. A good way to encourage students with this is to do a brainstorming activity where you write down every conceivable sp- blend word. I would then leave this word chart up in the class as long as possible.

When your kids need a little space to learn about phonics, refer them to the Easy Teacher SP Blends worksheets for an interactive learning experience. By teaching SP blended words through identifying images, the 15 worksheets that make up the Easy Teacher SP Blends lessons offer different methods for reaching students that have different learning needs. The worksheets start with a few basic image identification lessons, before moving into more complex topics such as the present and past subjunctives. After completing the 15-worksheet series of lessons, your students will know how to write highly organized stories that contain many versions of SP blended words.

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Printable Sp Blends Worksheets

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Blends: sp sn

Say the name of the picture. Circle the blend sound that you hear. Write the word containing the blend sound on the lines.

Finger Slides

Touch and say each letter sound. Slide your finger across the two letters to blend the sounds together. Find and circle the pictures whose names start with the blend.

Word Shapes

Write a word in each shape that begins with the consonant blend.

Unscrambling sp Words

Unscramble the sp words. Use the pictures as clues. Write the words inside the word shapes.

Glued Down

Cut out the pictures. Say the name of each picture. Glue each picture into the correct box.

Find and Color

Color all the words that begin with sp.

Read | Write | Draw

Read the word: spacewalk, spaniel, spartan. Write and use the word in a sentence.

Sp Blend Art

Fill the art frames with words.

Connect the Pictures

Say the name of each picture. If it has the sp sound, draw a line to connect the picture to the diagraph.

Cut and Paste

Worksheets: sparrow speaker spruce spooky spinach spicy spareribs spine

Make an 'sp' Sentence

Cut out the words below and rearrange them to complete the sentence.

Writing Complete Words

Add the letters sp to complete each word. Then write the word.

Consonant Blends Match

Find the 'sp' words. Write them in the matching boxes. spelt spell spin skit slush slim spat spoon snare snoop spool span spot snap spank snow

Circle Them

Circle the words that begin with SP. Write them on the lines.

Sentence Finisher

Choose a /sp/ word to complete each sentence.