Easy Teacher SP blends worksheets allow teachers to extend classroom lessons into a child's living room

Teachers have to juggle several things to fit everything they want to teach into a typical school day. Easy Teacher ST Blends worksheets allow you to print downloaded worksheets from PDF files. Your students complete as many lessons as they can in the classroom, and then take what remains home for a little extra practice. The ability for students to bring Easy Teacher lessons home allows you to spend more time on another subject in the classroom. Every worksheet comes with an answer key to save teachers more time.

Start a groundbreaking trend at school by introducing Easy Teacher ST Blends worksheets into the English curriculum. Your students will thank you!

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Printable St Blends Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Blends: st sp

Say the name of the picture. Circle the blend sound that you hear. Write the word containing the blend sound on the lines.

Blends: st

Touch and say each letter sound. Slide your finger across the two letters to blend the sounds together. Find and circle the pictures whose names start with the blend.

Blends: st

Write a word in each shape that begins with the consonant blend.

Unscrambling st Words

Unscramble the st words. Use the pictures as clues. Write the words inside the word shapes.

Consonant Blends: st Cutouts

Cut out and paste the pictures based on the sounds that they make.


Color all the words that begin with st.

Read | Write | Draw

Read the word: stepsister, start, and still.

Blend Art

Use the frames to dream up four words of value.

Letter Blends: st

Say the name of each picture. If it has the st sound, draw a line to connect the picture to the diagraph. Can you think of two things whose name contains the blend st? Draw a picture of each thing. Then write its name on the line.

Cut and Paste: st

Fill these boxes with the pictures for: starfruit stag stationery stack steel stable street stencil

Make a 'st' Sentence

Cut out the words below and rearrange them to complete the 'st' sentence.

Writing 'st' Words

Add the letters st to complete each word. Then write the word.

Consonant Blends: st

Find the 'st' words. Write them in the matching boxes. Words include: still stark staff skit slush slim start spoon snare snoop stern stub stall snap steer snow

St Word Find

Find nine st words in that word find.

St Finishers

Choose a /st/ word to complete each sentence.