Start your next English lesson by teaching BL blended words found in this series of worksheets.

From the first module through the 15th lesson, each of the worksheets implement a wide variety of teaching methods that cater to different learning styles. The first worksheet shows several images, with each image associated with either a TH blend or an ST blend. For example, students circle the blended TH for the image of a thief. Towards the end of the worksheets, students write several sentences that include different blended TH words. Students can print the PDF files and take the worksheets home for additional practice.

Present a thorough explanation of blended TH words by giving your students access to all of these worksheets.

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Printable Th Word Blends Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Blends: th st

Say the name of the picture. Circle the blend sound that you hear. Write the word containing the blend sound on the lines.

Touching Th Blend Words

This is really cool because it's a tactile worksheet. You rarely see these.

Blend Those Words

Write a word in each shape that begins with the consonant blend.

Unscrambling th Words

Unscramble the words that contain the th blend. Use the pictures as clues. Write the words inside the word shapes.

Consonant Blends: th

Cut out the pictures. Say the name of each picture. Glue each picture into the correct box.

Find and Color Th

Color all the words that begin with th.

Read | Write | Draw

Read the word: thimble, thirsty, and third. Write the word and the sentences.

th Blend Art

Put the words together to make it right.

Letter Blends: th

Can you think of two things whose name contains the blend th? Draw a picture of each thing. Then write its name on the line.

Cut and Paste: th

Match the words to the pictures by cutting and placing. Words include: mother athlete hyacinth therapy underneath Thanksgiving lather third

Make a 'th' Sentence

Cut out the words below and rearrange them to complete the ‘th’ sentence.

Writing 'th' Words

Add the letters th to complete each word. Then write the word.

Consonant Blends: th

Find the 'th' words. Write them in the matching boxes.

Consonant Blends: th Word Puzzle

Circle the words that begin with TH. Write them on the lines.

Complete the Words

Choose a /th/ word to complete each sentence. Word bank includes: threat thriller thought thump thyroid thermal throbbed Thebes