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Tr- is one of the most frequently used two-letter blends in the English language. Common words hit upon this blend pattern include words like: trail, trouble, trip, truck, and try. You will also find a group of words, in this category, that is aimed at a higher level of vocabulary, in the words: tradition, tragedy, tremendous, and transmit. The best method to help students along is often repetition over a series of time. We would often come back to these words every few weeks. It will only take three or fours of these lesson episodes to lead to mastery of the basis concept and help your students heighten their reading and language skills.

The activities on these worksheets span a number of different skills which may be in the form of a word buildup or unscrambling of words. We also allow students to get a bit creative on their with developing their own words off of this sequence. All the worksheet highlight some of most popular blended tr- words in a lesson that requires your kids to complete sentences by using a TR blended word located on the right side of the page. Once students build up a large inventory of TR blended words, you encourage them to access worksheets that ask students to write and rewrite sentences. The digital worksheets print out to let students bring the teaching tools home for more practice. Make the trade of placing phonics textbooks in storage and replacing the textbooks with this set of engaging worksheets.

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Printable Tr Blends Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key.

Find the tr Words

Read the sentences. Circle all of the words that begin with the blend. Write the words on the lines below.

Consonant Blends

Circle the consonant blend in each word. Write a consonant blend to make a word. Say the name of the picture.

Begins With...

Write a word in each shape that begins with the consonant blend.

Unscrambling Words

Unscramble the words. Use the pictures as clues. Write the words inside the word shapes.

Cut and Paste Activity

Cut out the pictures. Say the name of each picture. Glue each picture into the correct box.

Word Shapes

Write the tr- words from the Word Bank into the correct word shape.

Treasure, Treat, Triangle

Read the word, write it, and then use it in a sentence.

The Best Word Possible

Choose the best word to complete each sentence and write it on the line.

Letter Blends

Say the name of each picture. If it has the sound we are looking for, draw a line to connect the picture to the diagraph.

Where Do They Go?

The Cut and Paster with the words: trees, travelers, tracks, truck, traffic, treasure, tractor, track.

Make a Sentence

Cut out the words below and rearrange them to complete the 'tr' sentence.

Word Choices

Choose the word from the box to complete each sentence.

Trace and Write

This has you trace a bit and then find the blend in words.

Word Puzzle

Circle the words that begin with TR. Write them on the lines.

Complete Me

Find a word that may just complete a series of sentences.