Make phonics a fun subject to teach by introducing the worksheets included with the Easy Teacher Writing 3rd Grade lessons.

Students at the 3rd grade level are struggling to express themselves through writing. As teachers we need to embrace this and provide them opportunities to get this greatness out of them. We should inspire students to write with purpose. With this in mind, we want our writers to stay on topic and learn to organize what they are about to write. The overall goal is to have students learn to group sentences well to create well thought out and constructed paragraphs. As the grades fly by, the level of writing improves for students navigating grade school. Your students should love reaching deep into their imaginations to address a hypothetical situation. "Imagine you wake up one day looking really different from everyone else. What happened? What would you do?" Questions like this form the foundation for building writing skills. With all of these worksheets, your class should move leaps and bounds ahead to be prepared for 4th grade writing assignments.

Students will be presented with a scenario that will stimulate their creative sides. We would encourage students to outline their thoughts before they begin to write. This is a great activity to stimulate writers to organize how they write and frame their overall message. Some of these passages will get the creative juices flowing for some and not for others. We encourage teachers to give students a choice of several of these to write. Students with stronger interests in a topic will normally write deeper pieces. Celebrate the differences that make each of your students unique and develop important writing skills at the same time with these worksheets.

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Printable 3rd Grade Writing Worksheets

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Bring Them Back!

If you could bring back just one species of dinosaur, what would it be? Why? How do you think it would get along in the modern world?

Third Grade Writing Prompts

If you could have one superpower, what would you want it to be? Imagine you have been asked to design a new school. What features do you want the school to have?

Really Different

Imagine that you wake up one day looking really different from everyone else. What happened? What do you do?

My Ninja Skills

What is one skill you would like to learn? Why do you want to learn it? How will your life be different when you master this skill?

That Cat!

I knew there was something different about that cat the first time we locked eyes. I felt all funny at first, and then...

Alien In My Backyard

An alien lands in your back yard. He is friendly. He only has an hour to stay, and he wants to learn all that he can about Earth while he is here. What do you tell him? What do you show him?

Create A Creature

If you could create a creature to be the perfect pet, what characteristics from different animals would you include? What would your pet look like? What kind of personality would it have?

Space Journey

Imagine that you are traveling into space on a rocket to visit a distant planet. Describe the journey.

Finish the Story

There was a loud rumbling sound and the sky filled with smoke. When it cleared, I saw a tiny blue spaceship in the middle of my back yard...

Finish the Story

When Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, he didn't break to our surprise, he...

Don't Be Angry With Me

What do you think would make a bee angry? Write a story about a bee that gets really angry. What makes him angry? What does he do?

What the Heck Is That?

Look at the picture. What kind of creature is this? What does it want? Where did it come from? What happens next?

Finish the Story

George the Gorilla grew up in a zoo. More than anything in the world, he wanted to be a human. One day...

At Home

How many people live in your home? Who are they? Describe a pet that you have or that you would like to have.

My Wheels

You have been asked to design a cool new vehicle. What will it look like? Where will it travel? What will it be able to do?