Now is the time to ramp up student writing skills with Easy Teacher Writing Grade 4 learning modules.

4th grade is the grade level where start to encourage our students to write more on their own and organize themselves independently. As teachers, we want to ensure that they are following solid procedures and get themselves in line to form good writing habits. This all starts by being organized and planning out what we are going to write. In order to plan, you need to first understand the task and the audience that will be reading your piece. I spend a good amount of time helping students learn how to do an audience analyses and look at the work they are about to create from the perspective of the audience. Ultimately if your work does not speak to your audience, the piece cannot have the intended affect. In this section we will lead students through the various phases of the writing process and help them realize the pre-writing, production, and editing phases of the writing process. We also look at including the use of technology in this process.

Entering 4th grade is like starting the second half of a football game. With four grades down and three to go, your students have developed an impressive array of writing skills. However, 15 worksheets in the Easy Teacher Writing 4th Grade worksheets continue the writing progression made thus far. Each exercise encourages students to use their imaginations to develop a story that answers a question. Print the downloadable worksheets for your kids to take home. After all, not every brilliant story can be told during one writing session. Make writing fun again by unveiling the creative power of each of your students at home and in the classroom.

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Printable 4th Grade Writing Worksheets

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Do Da Robot

These days many jobs, especially in factories, are done by robots. If you could design a robot to do anything in the world, what would you design it to do? Why? How would the function of the robot affect how it looks?

Fourth Grade Writing Prompts

If you had a whole day to yourself, with no responsibilities and no one to explain yourself to, what would you do?

Pokémon in the Park

Imagine that you are playing in the park and you stumble upon a Pokémon. Which Pokémon is it? What do you do?

Minecraft Building

Describe a building that you have seen or built in Minecraft. What does it look like? What is it for?


I thought that Tony was only yawning, but then something really strange happened...

If Cats Could Talk

When you woke up this morning you discovered that your cat could talk. What did he say? How did you answer him?

Super Intelligent Ants

Imagine that scientists have now proven, beyond a doubt, that ants are much more intelligent than human beings, and it is declared a crime to kill an ant. How do you think the world we live in might change?

In Search of a New Life

Imagine that you are traveling by boat to the U.S. with your family in the 1800s, in search of a better life. Describe how you feel when you first see the Statue of Liberty.

Finish the Story

The curtain rustled, and Jill heard a thump. She approached the curtain, and cautiously pulled it back to reveal...

Finish the Story

There was that voice again. Where was it coming from? I got down on my knees and looked under the porch. I didn’t see anything but a big old toad. "Finally!" said the toad...

Only an Armadillo

Imagine the only pet you are allowed to have is an armadillo. How do you feel about it? What will you and your armadillo do together?

Robot Speech

This robot is about to give a speech. What is he going to say? Who is he talking to? Why?

That Blob

What is this thing? Is it alive? What does it do? Where did you find it?

Brain Teasers

Name at least three reasons why a kitten might need mittens. Describe how you would get an elephant inside of your house.

Insects Are Important

Insects are an important part of our ecosystem. Why are they so important?